Battlecrow (Rune Bastard Sword):

Most historians and scholars concentrate on greater rune swords when they write their histories about “Greater” Rune Weapons. This gives many a false belief that “Greater” Rune Weapons are more common than “Simple” Rune Weapons but this is not the case. Most Rune Weapons are of the simple variety. Warriors are always glad to wield one and their are greatly prized even though often forgotten about by scholars. One of the best known “Simple” Rune Weapons is a Bastard Sword know as “Battlecrow” and there are stories going back for at least centuries. Like a great many Rune Weapons, its origins are shrouded in mystery and the sword itself does not seem to be telling. As a “Simple” rune weapon, little attention was payed to the weapon initially. Over the course of centuries, the sword became well known and has found its way into the hands of generals and adventures. Some wielder's of the sword have been considered heroes while others have been considered villains. Still, none of the swords owners seems to have been completely without honor. Some consider it to be good luck to carry the sword into battle. It has crossed virtually the whole of the Palladium World over the ages. Likely, the weapon has fought in more battles than the most experienced Elven warrior alive. It has been lost several times but each time the sword has been found again.

Battlecrow is an extremely utilitarian weapon and is extremely well balanced. It can be considered the equal of any Dwarven crafted weapon. As might be expected from the name, the weapon is matt black. Black runes run down the length of both the blade and the handle. The blade is beyond razor sharp and cuts like few normal weapons with a sharp stabbing point. Through the blade runs a blood groove. The handle is designed so that the sword can comfortably be used with either one hand or two and the runes themselves act to make a good grip. Still, a few wielders have found it more comfortable to wrap the handle with leather strips for a better grip. The hand guard has the suggestion of wings, which might also have been a factor in naming the sword “Battlecrow” but they are far too stylized to tell for sure. Other than the wings and the runes, the weapon has no real decorations.

Another common fallacy is that “Simple” Rune Weapons do not have powerful personalities. Battlecrow is definitely not a quiet weapon. Many years of experience means that the weapon has knowledge far beyond that of an mortal warrior and will share it, often whether the wielders wants to hear or not. The sword’s personality has often been described like that of a grizzled veteran. Even with the extensive knowledge, the sword does make mistakes and while strong in tactics in small scale battles, its knowledge in larger battles is far less. Still, its attention in the smaller scale can help out with the larger scale. It seems that the sword prefers tobond with mercenaries and soldiers although it has bonded with a few knight and paladins as well. The weapon has never bonded with a mage or powerful psychic which has lead many scholars to believe it will not bond with mages, mind mages, and those of similar aptitudes. It seems to be a bit unprincipled in its beliefs although may state very strange things from time to. Most seem to feel that it is due to the age of the weapon and a certain “flakiness” has been aspired to the weapon. Most of the wielders of the weapon seem to have been unprincipled like the weapon but others seem to have been more scrupulous than anything while yet others seem to be more aberrant than anything else. While the sword seems to have a sense of honor and reject those who have none, the honor of those who are principled seem to be too much for the weapon. It will allow them to wield the weapon but will not bond with them. Will often argue with them.

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