The Bones (Magical Mace and Chain):

Even though not a particularly powerful magic weapon, "The Bones" is an unusual weapon in many respects. It is unknown who made the weapon and several alchemists have tried to copy it unsuccessfully. Some scholars think the weapon is thousands of years old. Others believe it is only hundreds, made by an Alchemist who is believed to have learned the art of necromancy instead of wizardry.

Whomever created the weapon, the weapon has a fell reputation. It is carried almost as an item of status among those who serve the forces of evil. Among these include necromancers, assassins, demon thralls, dark knights, and evil mercenaries. Because of the weapon's status, an alchemist who manage to copy the weapon could find a large ready market for the weapon. There have been some relatively crude copies but they don't look liek actual bone but are metal with a similar design.

"The Bones" is a very strange looking weapon. As one might exact by the name, the weapon appears to be made from solid bone. The handle of the ball and chain looks like a large leg bone. The links or "chain" appear to be made from spinal bones. The ball is made from what appears to be a small human skull although is solid and far heavier than bone normally is. There are spikes which come from the head to make it more deadly. Some whom have studied the weapon think that it is not actually made from bone while others think it is made from actual bone. Various suggests as far as the bone includes human bones, the bones of dragons, and demon bone. Still, it is a mystery of what the ball and chain is actually made from. The bone appears to be a greyish white color, appearing to be extremely aged if made from actual bone.

For such an odd looking weapon, "The Bones" is pretty well balanced. It is as well balanced as some of the finest weapons made by the Dwarves. The enchantments actually are not all that unusual. As with many magic weapons, the ball and chain is indestructible. It inflicts more damage than the quality of the weapon explains. Finally, the weapon inflicts additional damage to anybody of good alignment struck by the weapon.

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