Deathfire (Magical Plate Armor):

Like many ancient magic items, the history of this magic armor is unclear. The priests of the god Utu claim that their god made the armor but most scholars doubt it, believing that the armor was made by a renegade alchemist several millenniums previously. It is true that several dark knights dedicated to the god Utu have worn this armor. Over the history of the armor, most of the wearers have been evil, some very evil, but if has been won by a handful who have not been. One of the best known, several centuries ago, was a paladin dedicated the god Osiris. Unlike many other magic armors, there has only been one armor of this type made and is considered virtually priceless to those who desire the armor.

Deathfire is one of the most scary appearing armors in existence. The armor rivals such armors as the Demon Bone Armor. It is a suit of dull black plate armor, appearing to be of the finest quality, with the armor is covered in spikes and strange designs run along the armor. This is not what makes the armor truly scary. When not worn, the face of the helm is made of the same matt black metal but appears to have the front as a human skull. When donned, the helm disappears and in its place is a bare human skull which seems to stare out from empty eye sockets. The head sits on naked neck bones. If a person can see through illusions, they will see the helm. That appears to be the only part of the body which is visible, the armor covers everywhere else. The plate armor is incredibly well articulated and the wearer can move almost as if they are not wearing any armor. When the armor bursts into flames, it becomes even more fearsome. Many have run if fear of an armor which appears to be worn by a skeleton which is on fire

The armor is of the finest quality, appearing to have been made by a master Dwarven armorer. The armor is further reinforced by magic and can withstand damage which would devastate a normal suit of plate armor. It also appears to be able to regenerate almost any damage. The plate armor has almost been destroyed several times but its ability to regenerate has allowed it to survive. The armor is enchanted so that it is virtually weightless. The most fantastic ability of the armor is the ability to burst into flames. This makes the armor even harder to penetrate than it normal is and also adds an additional layer of protection. This ability to burst into flames is limited to three times per day. Of course there is the illusion of a skull instead of a helm. While the other enchantments can be reproduced, no alchemist has been able to reproduce this ability.

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