Black Leather of the Panther (Magical Leather Armor):

Kuoughtin, or better known by the nickname of the "Panther," was an extremely skilled thief. A few hundred years ago, stories tell of Kuoughtin sneaking into some the most secure places in the Western Empire without anybody every seeing the thief. Still, sometimes one will find themselves in a bad situation and one must fight. As such, Kuoughtin had an extremely high quality set of leather armor made. Tales tell that Kuoughtin eventually died in bed of old age.

When the Panther died, the various items which had been custom made for Kuoughtin were distributed between apprentices of the master thief. Since then, the armor has passed through the hands of many others, mostly other thieves. What has made things more confusing is that there have been quite a few copies of the armor made by alchemists. As such, it is almost impossible to know the original suit from all of its copies. The only ways to be able to tell which suit is the original is either look for some almost hidden marks from the original creator or through a careful object reading.

In design, the armor is a suit of black leather armor with hard leather plates in key areas with soft leather in areas as well. The breast plate and back plate both have the design of a panther deeply engraved into the material. The armor is extremely well crafted so it has almost no restriction on the wearer’s movement. It has been said that a person can dance in the leather armor.

Main enchantment on the armor which is valued by a thief or assassins is a chameleon enchantment. As long as the wearer is still or moving very slowly, they are extremely difficult to spot. They are even harder to detect in darkness. The enchantment lasts for thirty minutes each time activated and can be activated up to three times per day.

Otherwise, the armor's protective value is pretty incredible. Even though made from leather, it protects as well as a full suit of scale mail and is able to withstand far more damage than a normal suit of scale armor. If damaged, the suit has the ability to regenerate damage although the armor does not regenerate damage as fast as a some enchanted metal armors. Finally, the suit is almost weightless.

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