Enchanted Musical Instruments (Enchanted Musical Instruments):

There is a large variety of enchanted musical instruments which can be found on the Palladium World. Some of the most common are Flutes, Harps, and Lutes. Some alchemists actually specialize in the creation of these fantastic magic items. There are extremely popular with various musicians including bards. They are also extremely popular with nobles.

While there are many new creators of enchantment musical instruments, the ancient ones are most valued. Some are hundreds of years old with a tiny number over a thousand years old. These can cost many times more than newer instruments. As well, some are relatively plain while others are extremely decorative. The more decorative versions are more often hands in the nobles. The decorative versions often have precious metals including gold or silver worked into the instruments and can be intricately carved.

No matter how decorative or plain these musical instruments are or what their age is, all of these instruments play completely perfectly. The tone of these musical instruments are virtually perfect and are richer than one might expect from an instrument of their size. The strings on string instruments never need to be tuned. It even seems to some that these instruments almost guide the hand of those who play them. Instrument gives a basic "Play Musical Instrument" skill with the instrument of 60% or gives +10% to all skill rolls. If the person already has the ability to play the instrument, then the performance will be at professional level.

Cost: 10,000 to 20,000 Gold (ancient and extremely decorative versions can cost many times more)

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