The Black Arrow (Rune Arrow):

If this arrow had another name, it has been lost in history. This arrow is believed to be one of the most ancient rune weapon still in existence. It might even date from the times of the battles between the gods. Legends tell that at one time, there were far more rune arrows in existence but there is believed to be but a handful now remaining. Some way that most were destroyed during the wars between the elves and dwarves of buried in the aftermath so that nothing as terrible as that war could happen again. Some scholars consider the "Black Arrow" to be a lesser rune weapon because it does not exhibit any of the properties common to greater rune weapons such as clerical, wizard, psychic, or elemental abilities. The weapon is, however, a soul drinker so it is an extremely deadly weapon. Over the ages, many archers have sought out the arrow. Rangers, Long Bowman, Mercenaries, and Assassins. This weapon appears to have been carried by the greatest of heroes and the vilest of villains. Over the course of its history, the weapon has been lost many times, once for over a thousand years. There is rumor that the weapon is currently in the possession of a powerful lord in the Eastern Territory. The rumor also states that this lord had heard stories that the Emperor of the Western Empire wishes to conquer the Eastern Territory and plans to use the arrow to slay the Emperor. If the lord succeeds, the Emperor would be yet another victim to go down from the arrow. It is said that Lords, Emperors, Dragons, and even Demon Lords have been brought down from this arrow.

The personality of the arrow can only be called alien. Most weapons seem to have a more or less male or female personality. As well, most appear to have emotions even in the weapon is reserved. This is not the case with the arrow. It responds to mental contact with very simple answers and never seems talkative. It does not appear to be shy but simply does not care. There seems to be no emotions in the mental voice of the weapon either and there is almost a feeling of emptiness. The only feeling which wielders seem to get from the weapon is that of hunger. The weapon does not appear to care about the beliefs of the possessor. It appears to have no specific hatreds. The best fitting description of the weapon is that it is more or less anarchist but that only works so far. Some scholars speculate that the weapon may have had a more conventional personality at one time but that through time, the weapon has lost much of its personality and is now a shell of its former self. Still, even if true, this seems to have not effected the special abilities of the weapon.

As might be expected, the weapon is black. It is the kind of black which seems to absorb all light around it. The arrow is all one piece, from notch to tip, and made from some sort of black metal. Even the fins on the arrow, called the fletching on normal arrows, are made from metal. At first glance, there appears to be no runes on the arrow, but when examined closer, tiny runes can be seen. The arrow is completely indestructible like all rune weapons and shows no physical signs of its age. Even though little more than paper thin, no being appears to be able to bend the fins of the arrow. This includes creatures with supernatural strength. The arrow is said to have been stepped on by a dragon with no effect. It is incredibly well balance and is more accurate than the finest of Elven arrows. While the arrow can be used as a melee weapon, and has been used in that manner in the past, it is really designed to be fired from a bow.

Of course the most well know ability of the arrow is that it is a soul drinker. No one really knows just how many souls the weapon has consumed over the ages. The arrow also always returns to the shooter once it is finished its run. It also appears to be able to always find the chink in a targets armor and hit the being targeted instead of striking their armor. The most fancy of plate armors and even the hide of a dragon appear to have no protection against this. Often, the arrow will find a critical place to hit an opponent when fired.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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