Arrows of the Hawk (Magical Arrows):

There are a comparatively small number of enchanted arrows compared to many other weapons. One of the most famous groups of these arrows is know as the Arrows of the Hawk. There were originally believed to be a dozen of these enchanted arrows and they are believed to have been constructed for a single archer. Stories tell that this archer was one of the greatest Long Bowman ever to exist. He was said to have lived several centuries before and commissioned an alchemist to make these arrows for him. Over the years, the arrows have been scattered with no one having more than one of these arrows in their collection. As well, several have been lost or destroyed and there are only seven known to survive. One is known to have been destroyed when it was used to help slay a dragon who had been terrorizing the countryside. The dragon rolled over, crushing the arrow before it could return. The surviving arrows are considered extremely valuable and are extremely prized by rangers and long bowman.

While unlike many magic swords, these arrows are not indestructible, there are extremely durable and don't appear to be effected by the passing of time. The heads of the arrow are four pointed and are razor sharp even though they are several hundred years old. They are finally balanced and as well crafted as the best arrows ever crafted by an Elven fletcher. The body of the arrow are painted in a dark green and the feathers appear to be those of a hawk. Just above the fletching, there are four bands in genuine silver and the notch on the arrow appears to be crafted from silver as well.

The arrows are enchanted so that they will pass through virtually any armor, even the thickest plate armors, and the arrows bite deep when they hit flesh. These arrows also fly twice as far as any normal arrow and return to the archer's quiver after being fired. It takes a full melee attack for the arrow to return so the archer cannot fire a single arrow over and over.

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