Flaming Blades of Helion (Magical Sword and Dagger):

No one really knows how old these weapons are but some scholars and sages speculate that they date from the thousand year war between the Elves and the Dwarves. The first records of the weapons are almost two thousand years old and the weapon was possessed by a Warrior King named Helion. These ancient records seem to support the theory that the weapons were already considered relics from the far past even then. Some psychics have tried to read the aura of the blades but there are so many memories built over the centuries that trying to delve into the deep past is virtually impossible. Only the memories over the last five hundred years have been able to be sensed. Since Helion is the first being know to have the weapons, they became know as the "Flaming Blades of Helion" and any original name the weapons may have had has been lost over the millenniums.

The Flaming Blades of Helion are a matched Long Sword and Broad Dagger set. As can be implied by the names of the weapons, they do not have normal blades but have magical flames that extend from the handle and act as the blades. The handle are finely worked and are inlaid with silver, gold, and a variety of precious gems with rubies predominating. As with most flaming weapons, each weapon has a matching scabbard which is impervious to fire. Each scabbard is covered with red satin and is inlaid with silver, gold, and the same precious gems that are in the handle of the blades. The weapons are extremely attractive and are a lure for thieves. Because of this, several owners have wrapped the handles and scabbards in plain leather to hide the precious metals and gems.

These twin flaming blades have been sought out by adventures over the years due to their magical properties and have been stolen for the same reasons almost as often. The main feature of the weapon is that the weapons are bonded in a way that has never been reproduced or seen in other weapons. This magic works in such a way that using both together is natural and the wielder can use both weapons as if they have the skill paired weapons whether they have the skill or not. This also includes that the ability to sit fireballs can be used as paired ranged strikes. The bond also means that if someone manages to acquire one of the weapons and not the other, that being will feel a draw to the other weapon of the set. Because of this, the weapons have never been separated for more than a few years. It has also created several duels between individuals who each had one of the blades and wanted to acquire the other one.

The weapons have several lesser powers which while important are not the main draws for people seeking the pair. Both the sword and dagger inflict more damage than more modern flaming blades of their size. As mentioned previously, both blades can spit fireballs. The fireballs cause the same amount of damage as the blades themselves do and can be fired up to four times per day. In addition, each blade can flash a blinding flash up to four times per day. Of note is that when the weapons are pulled from their scabbards, they can be used like torches. The flaming dagger put out light equal to about one torch and the flaming sword puts out light equal to about four torches. While a sword and dagger handle might not be thought to be particularly well balanced, both of the weapons are exceptionally balanced although this is likely through magic.

Interestingly, there have been several flaming sword and dagger combinations created with the same appearance of the 'Flaming Blades of Helion'. Some of these were created for people who wanted copies of the weapons but other were created as forgeries. These have been sold by both scoundrels and misinformed individuals as the real 'Flaming Blades of Helion' at very high prices. None of the duplicates are the equal to the ancient flaming blades. The copies inflict damage equal to normal flaming swords and the blinding flash and fire balls are limited to those of normal magic weapons. The weapon balances are also those of normal weapons and have no bonuses. However, most important is that the duplicate weapons do not have the linking magic and the weapons cannot be used effectively together at the same time unless the wielder has the skill of paired weapons. Many alchemists have studied the weapons of Helion to duplicate the magic but none have succeeded.

Note: Weapons inflict S.D.C. in S.D.C. Worlds and inflict M.D.C. in M.D.C. Worlds.

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