Crystal Armor of Shyan (Magical Scale Armor):

Nobody knows where Shyan came from but legends say that she was a knight of some kind. It is said that she did tell of where she came from. Another world, alien to the people of the palladium world. She told that the world itself was living. The realm she spoke of had creatures that seemed very much like demons. Some descriptions of her world also seem very much like hell which she argued strenuously against. As one might expect, a few scholars dispute her stories.

She had a very unusual set of scale armor which appeared to be made of some kind of white translucent crystal. It is said to come from the world she came from. Form fitting, it is incredibly beautiful and it is a complete mystery as to how it was made. Many of the most skilled armor smiths have tried to study the armor and have been unable to figure out how it was actually made. It is suggested by a few that it might not actually be made from crystal but others disagree. The crystal is stronger than steel as far as its ability to withstand damage. In toughness, the armor is about as tough as plate armor.

It is said that she made a trade with an extremely skilled alchemist to enchant her armor. These enchantments include making the armor able to regenerate damage. Otherwise, the armor would be almost impossible to repair. A second enchantment makes the armor almost weightless, only the weight of a feather. A third makes the armor harder to penetrate, equal to splint armor instead of scale armor. Finally, the armor is enchanted to that it will size to fit a wearer.

They many stories of her adventures. She was an incredible warrior that few seem able to equal. Many said that she seemed super human with incredible strength and endurance. Some suggested that she was the child of a god with various suggestion on who the god might be. Time though seems to have shown that to be false. She ages as a normal person and eventually retired from active adventuring. It is told that she kept her armor until she died and was still quite tough until just before she passed out of this realm. Legends say that she was in her eighties when she actually died.

Hundred of years have passed since she breathed her last breath. Never having any children, there was never somebody to inherit it for her. As a result, it has drifted between different hands. Many of these have been lady knights and paladins. One of the unfortunately legacies was that many of the owners have tried to live up to the legend of Shyan. Many have not been able to and died trying. This has resulted in the armor having been lost multiple times.

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