"Love Charm" Jewelry (Enchanted Jewelry):

Just sixteen years old, Evora was now one of the wealthiest merchants in the Land of the South Winds. Her father had about a dozen trading houses up and down the coast. He had died just a few day earlier in a tragic accident where a boom had released its cargo on top of him. The young girl's mother had died when she had been born and Evora had no brothers or sisters.

As with many the daughter of the extremely rich, Evora was extremely spoiled as well as sheltered. She had never wanted for anything. As well, she had never been trained to run her father's merchant house. Only a few days after her father died, the girl had decided to throw a large party inviting the children of all of the wealthy merchants. It was planned to be a party like few had ever seen.

Many young men had attended, hoping to win the hand of the girl. Many of them had brought rich gifts for her including extremely jewelry. She had accepted them all haughtily. Yet one more young man came up to her with a flat box for her. While she yawned in boredom, she accepted the box. Opening the box, there was a gold necklace with emeralds.

It was probably the single most beautiful piece of jewelry which she had been given by any of the courtiers at the party. As such, she decided to put it on. The girl motioned for one of her servants to clasp the necklace around her neck. Her eyes glanced over at the young man who had brought her the gift. He appeared to be in his early to mid twenties. She should have noticed a strange look in his eyes as the necklace clasped around her neck.

Why hadn't she noticed him before. She knew it was true love at that moment and knew she would do anything for him. His strange look became a smile. He could tell that she was hooked. It had not been hard to arrange an accident to her father but it had been much harder to acquire the necklace. Still, it had been worth it.

Even though only a few alchemists make these items, these magic items are extremely popular among many circles. Relatively easy to make although still quite expensive, they are most common in the Western Empire where their is always concerns with such girls that they carry this enchantments. Nobles especially are suspicious about this. Most will have any such gifts examined before accepting them.

Still, in some cases others are not quite as suspicious and can be caught off guard. There are other uses for these jewelry. Even among nobles, a reluctant bride might be forced to wear one to keep her under the control of her husband. These, in the form of relatively simple collars, can be extremely useful for the control of slaves. Some who keep personal slaves will have their slaves wear these "Love Charm" collars, especially sex slave. The expensiveness of these collars is the one thing that restricts their use.

The jewelry is in a wide variety of styles, mostly necklaces, but bracelets are also quite common as well. Most of the jewelry is extremely decorative and are worth a small fortune. While most are silver and gold with gems, some are extremely basic and made from bronze with no decorative touches.

The jewelry works by the spell "Love Charm" that when clasped, the enchantment activates. Unlike the standard spell, it has no duration. In some cases, a powerful wizard might resist and know something is wrong. If they do not take it off within a few minutes, the wearer needs to save again against the enchantment. Otherwise, the wearer is completely in love with the person they gaze on when they first put the jewelry. Wearers will also not want to take the jewelry off. They will do almost anything for that person. Only if asked to kill or commit suicide, they might be able to resist. As with the spell, some wearers will go insane with jealousy due to the enchantment and in some cases the enchantment become permanent.

Effects: This enchantment affects most intelligent beings, except gods, godlings, demon lords, entities, elementals and alien intelligences. Initially, when the wear puts on the jewelry, they get a saving throw. If they do not take off the collar within a few minutes, the wearer will have to make another saving throw. This will continue until the wearer either takes off the collar or misses their saving throw. While worn, the enchantment is always active. The magic causes the wearer to fall madly and devotedly in love with the first person they gaze on. Victims of this enchantment will believe, trust, and defend anything that they say or do. The wearer will also obey any request by their lover, including murder or suicide (the latter two requests provoke another saving throw). The charmed person will constantly stay at the person's side and will often suggest amorous pleasures.
Side effects as per the spell "Love Charm" (Page 204 of Palladium Fantasy Second Edition)
Cost: 40,000 gold for a basic creation (Highly costly jewelry can cost upwards of 100,000 gold)

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