Chalice of Sleep (Enchanted Chalice):

Often used to make kidnaping and slaving easier, this item is relatively common. It is also a good way to make a disruptive prisoner easier to transport. They are especially common in the Western Empire and Land of the South Winds. Some alchemists working with the thieves and assassins guilds specializing in making these chalices.

As they are relatively common, they are used in both noble and less exalted spheres. As such, they come in many different forms from plain leather cups, horn containers, copper cups, and very fancy chalices. These can include crystal, silver, gold, and other precious metals. Many of the latter ones are encrusted with gems and other precious stones. Highly decorated versions are often used to kidnap the wealthy and nobility.

The liquid used in the cup can be any alcoholic beverage including beer, wine, mead, and stronger spirits. The chalice’s enchantment is activated as soon as the liquid is poured into the chalice but unlike the spell, enchantment lasts for an indeterminate period in the chalice before it dissipates. If poured into a different container, the enchantment will only last for fifteen minutes.

When the liquid is drunk, the victim will fall asleep unless they save against magic. The duration of the sleep is longer than the standard spell as well with a duration of two hours, enough time to restrain a combative captive.

Effects: When an alcoholic liquid is poured into the chalice, the liquid becomes a sleep inducing potion. While in the chalice, the enchantment remains in effect but if moved into another container, the enchantment lasts for fifteen minutes before dissipating.
After a few gulps of the drink, the drinker two gulps of fluid, the person will fall into an enchanted sleep. The victim cannot be awakened by any means except negating the magic (negate poison does not work) or until the magic's duration time lapses. Duration of sleep is two hours. A successful save means the enchanted food or drink has no effect.
Cost: 20,000 gold for a relatively plain cup and highly decorated chalices can cost several times more.

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