Midnight Kiss Ointment [Magic Potions, Fumes, and Gasses]:

Alyssa stood on the corner pretending to be a prostitute. She looked around at the other women. Half of them were high on one drug or another. Many of them were diseased. Still, there would always be whores. She knew that as fresh faced as she looked, she was in danger of a pimp trying to snatch her off the street. She had no intention of allowing that and had several dagger hidden in dimension pockets in a leather bracer. Unlike the true whores around her, she had a specific target in mind.

She saw her mark. He was a quite wealthy merchant but it was well known that he made a good profit in prostitution as well. He would often lure the fresh faces with promises of becoming his mistress and then sell then to a pimp. Problem was that he was making the madams of several of the houses feel nervous. Some of their girls had been disappearing. They wanted to know if he had been taking their girls. As a result, they had hired her.

In reality, she was not really a she at all but a Changeling. Alyssa, which was only the name which she was going by presently, could take either male or female form. Then again, there was no need to tell them that. It allowed her to take a form on the street that no one would recognize and hopefully allow her to draw him into a trap. Her present form was of a vulnerable looking yet attractive woman although obviously down on her luck by the condition of her cloths. She had chosen them carefully, the cloths which a farm girl might have worn if she ran away to the city.

Slowly she walked up to the man, making sure to look a little scared. If she looked too street tough, he might decide that she would fight him too much. He was hooked and his eyes looked onto hers. She whined, "Plea', Milord, spare some copper."

The merchant was hooked and jingled a bag of coins. He motioned towards the alley and she followed. Much of the services of a whore were done in an alley. It was dark and private. He began feeling her up although she thought it was more likely than anything that what he was really doing was checking the sale-ability of the merchandise.

She bent over to allow him to kiss her. Three second later he was on the ground. The ointment had worked. Time to get him somewhere to be questioned.

Midnight Kiss is a lip ointment which is often used by female thieves and assassins although others are known to have used it as well. It does glow faintly of magic. While it can be found throughout the Palladium World, it is most commonly used in the Western Empire. In many places, it is illegal. The effect of the ointment is that if someone is kissed, there is a drug which causes paralysis (Save vs non-lethal poison) for two to eight minutes (2D4). It only works on the lips because elsewhere the skin is too thick to allow the poison to reach the blood stream. If the target is wearing something on their lips (such as lip paint) it will usually not work (+6 to save) There are two parts to the ointment. The wearer first puts on a coat which negates the poison and then the poison over it. This keeps the drugs from effecting the wearer.

Cost: 2,000 Gold (10 application)

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