Thunderhead (Magical Hammer):

If only for the enchantments, this war hammer would not be considered extraordinary and there are many enchanted hammers with similar enchantments. Still, it is an excellent weapon. As it is however, Thunderhead is a work of art, finely detailed and few match it. A few modern hammers have been designed to mimic this hammer although more conventional in materials and far less detailed.

Several histories appear to describe the weapon. The weapon is believed to be many thousands of years old, made before the wars between the elves and dwarves that wrecked the world. It is believed to have been made for a dwarven warrior who was great friends with the elven alchemist who enchanted the hammer. It was lost for hundreds of years after the fall of the elves and the dwarves.

Several times the hammer has been lost and found again. Adventures have gone on long quests to find the hammer. A number of dwarven warriors down through the ages have carried it and it has also been carried by a number of knights and paladins. Dues to the style of the weapon, it is extremely popular with those who serve the Cult of Dragonwright. .

Thunderhead is a twin headed war hammer with the head of the hammer appearing to be made from green jade. As stated, it appears to be a work of art with the heads styled to look like the head of a Thunder Lizard. These two dragon heads are extremely detailed. Eyes of the dragon are made from white jade and the iris of the eyes are of gold. Most copies of the weapon are made from iron or steel. Handle of the hammer appears to be made from a very dense and dark wood.

Even though a work of art, the ancient war hammer is extremely well balanced. Even without the enchantment, the weapon is the equal of almost any weapon made by dwarven master weaponsmiths. Few of the copies of the weapon are anything like as very well balanced as Thunderhead is.

As one might expect, the weapon is enchantment to be indestructible. Without the enchantments, the weapon would likely have long shattered. Both the head of the war hammer and the handle of the weapon are indestructible. The most expected of the enchantments is the enchantment of "thunder hammer." Whenever the hammer strikes, a loud thunderclap can be heard. It makes the hammer inflict far greater than it would without the enchantment, similar to many lesser rune weapons. The third enchantment is that where the hammer returns when it is thrown.

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