Augh'saye (Rune Bow):

Among the rarest of rune weapons are rune bows. There is only a handful of them known. One of these is a long bow known as Augh'saye. Several scholars, especially Elven scholars, would like to tie the creation of this long bow to the Great Elven Kingdom but the evidence is definitely lacking. There are no reliable stories from that time which indicates the bow was in the hand of elves. Throughout history, few possessors of the bow have been elves. While there is much speculation, ultimately it is a mystery on who actually created the rune bow and where it came from. Usually, the bow is considered to be a greater or even greatest rune weapon.

Another reason why many scholars disregard the idea that the bow was made by Elves is that the bow does not really even like elves all that much. It is not a hatred but a disdained based on elves having such a high opinion of themselves. The bow will not force the possessor to attack elves. Some suggest that the personality might have been that of an archer who just had too much of elves and their perceived superiority with the bow. Otherwise, the personality is that of a combat veteran, a soldier who is both humble and practical. While far from evil, the bow sees nothing wrong in using a variety of dirty tricks. The personality appears to be female with the mental voice appears to be that of a woman. Interestingly, it has bonded with a couple of elves in its long history although usually those of more humble origins. The bow in general seems to chose those of humble backgrounds to bond with although those it bonds with are still skilled archers.

The bow does tell some stories about the past but it is difficult to tell the actual lands involved. It is also quite possible that the lands may have changed since the bow was first created. It tells some stories as if it is the archer and others as if it is telling stories about its previous possessors.

In the bow’s native form, it appears to be a long bow made from blue-grey metal with a string also of similar metal. Along the entire length of the bow, the weapon is covered in tiny rune. Otherwise, the weapon is surprisingly plain although there is a stark beauty to the run bow. The staves of the bow are slender even delicate in appearance. As with most rune weapons, the weapon shows no signs of damage and has weathered its many ages without any signs of passing time.

More interesting however is the long bow’s far more common form. The bow looks like a very plain long bow, one actually made in a hurry and not finely crafted. A rather rough in design made by a non professional. While it appears serviceable enough, does not look like the kind of weapon that would impress anyone. As well, the yellow white wood of the bow appears to be scratched and dented from long service. To further this image, the string of the long bow looks slightly frayed as if it needs to be replaced soon. Even so, the bow retains being indestructible in this form and the bow string never needs replacing. The bow vastly seems to prefer this form and does not often transform back into its native form. When in this form and not using any of its special ability, does not even show up as magical to a wizard or psychic.

In both the native and common forms, the bow is exquisitely balanced, equal to the finest long bows made by elven master craftsmen and women. A possessor will find that they will fire as accurately as they ever did in their life. In addition, the bow will adjust to the strength of archer to inflict greater damage when fired by strong archers. Further, when an arrow is fired, it will be surrounded by a light blue aura. The arrows will inflict even greater damage than can be explained by the strength of the archer. Finally, the archer will find that they are able to fire faster than they could before as well as being able to run around twice as fast as they could without the bow.

Even more spectacular, the long bow has a limited number of wizard spells which it can cast. Spells which the bow has the ability to cast include “Armor of Ithan”, “Blinding Flash,” “Climb,: “Invisibility,” “See Aura”, and “Sense the Invisible.” The bow has only a relatively low amount of magical energy and cannot shared its energy for other spell casting and cannot draw upon other sources except ley lines and nexus points.

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