Dragon Bone Darts:

Some warriors and adventurers prefer throwing darts over other weapons. Heavy dart weapons are weighted and have range similar to throwing spears instead of standard darts. In some cases five or six of these heavy darts / short javelins will be carried inside a warriors’s shield. Others will still carry them in a quiver on the back similar to arrows or javelins. These weapons are similar to the Roman Plumbata.

In some cases, dragon bone weapons are more available and less expensive than true enchanted magic items. These include dragon bone arrows and spears. Dragon bone throwing darts are also relatively common and less expensive than true enchanted darts. As with dragon bone arrows and spears, they have twice the normal range and are extremely difficult to break.

There are two types of these throwing darts which are common. The first are the standard throwing darts and have no significant enchantment. Even so, they inflict full damage against targets which are impervious to normal weapons including supernatural creatures.

The second though is effectively the dart equivalent of “Returning” Dragon Bone Arrows. As with “Returning” dragon bone arrows, they do not require the skills of a full alchemist but can be made by a Ward Master, also known as a Diabolist, who either is a wizard or is working with a wizard.

In order to create these darts, they are enchanted through the use of the ward of permanency and the spells of “Razor Edge” and “Boomerang.” The use of the ward makes the dart’s shaft indestructible while the spell make the darts return when thrown and increase how much damage they inflict.

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