Runic Keremond's Spellshield (Enchanted Jewelry):

More powerful version of the standard Keremond's Spellshield which negates the effect of spells cast against the wearer. It is called runic although it does not possess a soul like rune weapons. Due to being more powerful and having less side effects, the runic version is greatly prized although only a tiny number are believed to have ever been made. Stories tell of between a half dozen and two dozen total having been created. There are no stories of greater than that and most scholars believe that there are far less. The creator of the runic version is unknown. The pendents are incredibly ornate, even more ornate than the standard versions and most are works of arts even without the enchantments.

Instead of being able to only absorb 100 P.P.E. before being overloaded, the Runic version can absorb 200 P.P.E., double the normal spellshield's ability to absorb magical energy. Magical energy is released from the amulet at the rate of 10 P.P.E. per hour. Unlike the standard version, the runic version does not explode when overloaded although will shut down for a full 24 hours before being usable again (Can absorb a full 200 P.P.E. at that time.) When overloaded, the Spellshield will cause a variety of different side effects. If a spell is absorbed and brings the pendent above the maximum P.P.E then the spell is still is still negated unless the caster spends enough magical energy to keep minimum required P.P.E. of spell above what the Runic spellshield can absorbed. As the runic spellshield absorbs P.P.E., like the standard version, it glows brighter and hotter. When the shield gets within 30 P.P.E. of being overloaded, the pendent begins humming. An alchemist cannot absorb the magic from the Runic version of the Spellshield.

The other main advantage of the pendent is to Wizards and other spell casters and is highly prized because of it. The pendent will allow a spell caster who wears the pendent to cast spells on themselves unlike the standard pendent. There is a small hole in the back of the pendent and the owner must put three drops of their own blood in the hole. That will cause the pendent to bond with the possessor and allows their spells to function on themselves. If this is not done, the wearer cannot cast spells on themselves without the pendent absorbing the spell. If another person puts their blood in the hole, the effects of the magic item is transferred to that new person and will absorb the spells of the person who was previously the owner.

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