Morneblade (Rune Sword):

It was an incredibly beautiful sword. Malthe had always dreamed of finding a rune blade and as luck would have it, he found one during his adventures. Maybe it was considered a lesser blade that it did not have any of the special abilities which he heard some have but it was sharp as a razor and never dulled. He had never seen a blade which could cut as deeply as his new blade. might even be an advantage in that he had heard the powerful rune weapons would be constantly talking to you and some might even refuse to let you use them. He had never heard a single peep from the weapons

The last few months had been weird but he knew the rune sword had nothing to do with even though he had found the blade around the same times. There were times which he simply had no memory of. He would not remember anything for half a candle mark or so at a time. He would suddenly be in a different place from where he remembered last. Some of his companions had said that he had been acting different as well. They suggested that the sword might be cursed. What could they know. Maybe they just wanted the rune sword for themselves. He had found that he drunk a bit more than he used to but it was probably their fault as well. It just seemed like he could not resist drink the way he used to.

The rune blade listened to the mind of its latest bearer. It could take months to take control of a person forever and patience was something it was extremely good at. At first it could only take the mind of a possessor for short periods but each time it took control of the bearer's mind, it took just another little piece but eventually would control them completely. It had taken over hundreds of minds in this manner and could remember the millenniums. Many different lives; king, prince, lord, knight, and warrior alike had been subverted and their lives taken for its own.

It was time again and the sword concentrated its will on its wielder. Suddenly, it looked from his eyes. It was in control, the mind of this human pushed back into a dark corner.

There are stories of a rune sword which can possess the mind of others although many scholars refuse to believe that they are true. The name which many stories give to the blade is Morneblade and those who believe that the weapon is real will tell that it is millenniums old and may even date from the "Times of a Thousand Magics." This relic from the ancient past is suppose to take taken over the lives of hundreds of individuals including men and women of power.

The sword is suppose to use telepathy to read the mind of the person carrying it so that it can successfully pretend to be that person. Normally, the sword will appear to be a simple rune weapon and not show any of its special abilities and not even speak to its wielder. The sword uses the psychic ability of "Mentally Possess Other" to take over the wielder in the beginning. Slowly, the being's mind is suppose to get weaker to this ability. Eventually, the person is suppose to completely lose their will and the sword can control them forever. The blade is a powerful psychic with a host of ability and is the equal of a master psychic.

The weapon is suppose to like to live a life of enjoyment although it appears to enjoy battle as well. From its millenniums of existence, it is suppose to be incredibly skilled in battle and also uses its other abilities to win a place of power if the possessor does not already have one. If the person who picks up the blade already has a place of power, noble or general, it is all the easier. It does not appear to care much what the alignment of the possessor is and is suppose to have taken over the bodies of both men and women.

Those who have strong wills are harder to take over and take much longer to take complete possession of. As well, it avoids those who are psychics because they are even harder. Many psychics have the ability to sense danger and feel that danger the moment their hand wraps around the handle. It will use its ability in subtle ways to warn those off who don't feel this danger. It was those of relatively weak will which it can dominate comparatively quickly.

As well, it avoids those who are touched by the gods and those who practice the mystic arts. The blade cannot use any mystic abilities and would be extremely suspicious if a wizard suddenly could not longer practice magic. As well, the blade does not want to attract the attention of the gods and so avoids its servants, such as priests and witches.

The blade is more selfish than anything else and likes to indulge itself when it does many to get a position of power. It appears to be extremely "Me" oriented. As a result, it has ruined many territories it has ruled as well as gaining the ire of those both above and below. In some cases, the leader of the revolution will gain possession of the blade and become just like the original ruler.

That is one way which the blade might end up changing hands. Other times, it may be the wielder of the rune sword instigating battle. This happens most often when the current body starts to age and become weak. The blade is suppose to prefer a relatively young body, no more than between forty or fifty, and normally discards whatever shell when that stops being the case. Other means which the body might be discarded may be some sort of apparent accident and suicide is a last resort.

There are no good descriptions of the blade in any scholarly sources but is suppose to be an extremely handsome weapon. Most stories appear to describe it as a long sword type of blade with incredible balance like most rune weapons. In most cases, the weapon is described as being blue grey and intricately decorated although there are no descriptions of those decorations.

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