Skull Shield (Magical Shield):

This shield is one of a kind item although not believed to be as ancient as some. It is believed to only be a couple of hundred years old. It is known by a few different names. These include the "Skull Shield" for the design and "Shield of Death" is also commonly used. The style of the shield is quite attractive to dark priests, witches who consider themselves warriors, assassins, and others who consider themselves to serve the dark.

This item is simply a round shield with the raised image of a human skull on it. The basic body of the shield is black with the skull design in bone white with a white rim as well. There are several other shields of similar appearance. The eyes of the skull glow an eery green light. The shield itself is completely indestructible although the straps are not. The straps have needed to be replaced many times. Stories tell that the straps have often been made from tanned human hide.

The shield has two major powers beyond being indestructible. Anybody who looks at the shield directly, such as in combat, will often be struck by terror. In some cases, they will freeze for a moment while sometimes they will actually flee. This can be an extremely effective effect in combat. It is a similar effect to the fright wig. Generally, this magic is only known on armor not on weapons or shields. The second ability, which is a fairly common ability, is that the effect of a blinding flash can be activated up to three times per day.

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