Shemer Ket “Ivory Bow of Satet” (Lesser Holy Weapon):

In addition to the better known deities of the Church of Light and Dark, there are a number of lesser deities as well. Many have their own temples as well as sharing temples with some of the greater gods and goddess. One of these is a goddess named “Satet.” She has a several different roles including being a goddess of fertility, hunting, and war. As both a warrior goddess and a hunter goddess, her primary weapon is the short composite bow. She is seen as a protector of kings. Images of her often have her with the horns of a gazelle. Even though a warrior goddess, she is associated with the Gods and Goddesses of Light.

Said to have been made by a priestess of Satet and blessed by the goddess herself, the composite bow called “Shemer Ket” is a well known holy weapon of hers. While considered a lesser holy weapon, it still is a very valuable weapon. Even so, none of the weapon’s enchantments are considered unusual compared to other holy weapons in general. In fact, there is a holy weapon known as “Shemer Het” dedicated to the evil goddess Sekhmet with similar enchantments. Some consider the weapons to be near sisters of each other.

Historically, the bow has often been carried by priests and priestess of Satet. In most cases, the priests and priestess of the goddess learn the use of a bow. Virtually every person who has been a wielder the bow has been a worshiper of the goddess although a few number have worshiped other gods of the church. Half to two thirds of the possessors of the bow have been women.

There are many stories of a curse on the weapon. It does not seem to effect worshipers of the goddess but anybody who is not actually a worshiper. They do not have to be a particularly devote worshiper. If one converts to her, the curse seems to no longer effect them. Discarding the weapon seems to also work generally. The curse is one where the cloths and armor will just seem to tear and rip. After about a week, they will be nothing more than rags. Armor will be completely useless by that stage.

In style, the bow appears to a composite bow made from different materials and layers. The wood of the bow however is almost snow white. The handle and arrow notch appear to be made from ivory with the hand drip wrapped in pale leather. The tips of the bow also appear to be made from ivory and are in the design of gazelle horns. The bow string itself appears to be of silver. As far as aging, there is no sign of wear and tear on the bow. It looks like the bow is completely new.

Few bows on the Palladium World are known to be more accurate than this bow and it is the equal of the finest bows ever made. When used by an archer with above normal strength, the bow will adjust to their strength. Even with a normal archer, arrows seem to penetrate deeper and cause greater injuries than a normal arrow. Against supernatural and magical opponents, arrows fired from the bow are even more dangerous. When fired, each arrow glows with a white light.

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