Enchanted Grappling Hook Arrow / Bolt [Greater]
(Miscellaneous Magic Items):

This magic item is available as either arrows or as crossbow bolts. It is a relatively common magic item, available all over the Palladium world It fills a similar role to the enchanted Cherubot Rope although many consider it more flexible. The item is popular with various adventuring types including rangers, thieves, and assassins. Sometimes used in a military forces when sieging castles and the like.

This magic item combines a number of transformation enchantments. Before being fired, the arrow (or crossbow bolt) looks like a normal arrow / bolt except having what looks like a lightweight cord hanging from the back. When the projectile is fired, the line pays out the back up to two hundred feet (60.1 meters) out.

When the projectile strikes a target or reaches the end of its flight, it transforms. At the tip, a set of spikes expand in order to try to grab directly. Below that is a grappling hook in order to catch if it does not embed directly. The projectile will embed in wood and softer stones types. It will not embed into harder rocks, such as granite, and most metals. An archer can attempt to aim at a crack or crevice (Called shot with -4 to strike.)

If the object does not catch where the shooter was trying, a simple command will cause the grappling hook or spikes to release and transform back into a projectile. The arrow / bolt is reusable with the line retracting into the projectile as well. It will only retract when not loaded and will not pull a person up however. The line will support up to eight hundred pounds (360 kilograms) as long as the spikes / hook is strongly secured. There is a lesser version of this magic item which cannot be reused.

While not mean as an actual weapon, the arrow / bolt can be used on a person. Depending on the circumstances, the projectile can be used to pull somebody off a wall. The arrow / bolts are extremely durable but is not indestructible. The line is also able to be cut although is tougher than normal rope. Unlike Cherubot Rope, it is not available in versions that are imperviosu to fire or normal weapons.

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