Preserver Potion [Magic Potions, Fumes, and Gasses]:

This incredibly expensive potion prevents aging and as such is extremely valued. It is so expensive that a noble can find themselves extremely poor. When the potion is drunk, the person does not age for a period of one month. Multiple preserver potions do not increase the duration but instead the "month" is reset to when the second potion is consumed. Those who can actually afford the potion will consume the potion at the same time each month

When the potion elapses, the person continues to age normally. Even if a person is dying of cancer or another ailment, the potion will keep them alive although it does nothing to reduce the drinker's medical problems. As well, the potion in no way reduces the drinker's age. (In Rifts Terms - Will actually prevent the rapid aging of a juicer and if a juicer could continually consume this potion every month could live indefinitely)

Cost: 25,000 to 50,000 gold per potion (Note: will cost 300,000 to 600,000 gold per year - 12 potions)

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