Kobeka the Rock Breaker (Rune Morning Star):

This is one of those rune weapons that there is some debate if it should be considered a lesser or greater rune weapon. It does not seem to have any of the more common spell casting abilities of a greater rune weapon but is still extremely effective as a weapon.

While an effective weapon generally, what the weapon is truly effective against stone targets. It is no where near as effective as the extremely powerful “Castlerake.” The morning star does massive damage against creatures made from stone. It also shatters inanimate rock. When it strikes, the Morning Star turns hundreds of pounds of stone into crumbled rubble every blow, not much more than the consistency of powder. It can quickly destroy the strongest wall of a fortress. It is not considered effective at completely destroying walls but instead to breach a large enough hole for an attacking force to infiltrate the fortifications.

The weapon itself is made from black metal. It is a single handed club /mace type weapon with a rounded head. From the head, there are two dozen extremely sharp spikes. The handle is grooved so that the weapon does not slip from the wielder’s hand. Along the handle and on the head of the weapon, there are small runes. As with many rune weapons, the weapon’s balance is equal to the best weapons made by a Dwarven mastersmith. It seems to balance perfectly in one’s hands.

The history of this weapon is a bit of a mystery like many. From stories of the Great Elf and Dwarf War, it is told of a Dwarven force breaching the wall of an Elven fortress using an enchanted hammer. Many believe that it was not a hammer but instead this mace. For thousands of years however, there were no new stories about this weapon. Eventually however, a group of adventures found a rune weapon in the ruins of an elven fortress city in the Old Kingdom. This was only a few hundred years ago and rumor is that it was found gripped in the hands of the skeleton of a Dwarf.

The weapon has drifted around the Palladium world since then. It has been used to shatter the defenses of a goblin cavern for a force of adventurers to capture the stronghold. It has also found its way into the Western Empire where it was used to penetrate the walls of a lord’s castle in the middle of a dark and stormy night. Wherever it goes, it seemed to get used to break though the walls of fortifications.

As far as personality, it might be best to describe the weapon’s personality as being one of a gruff warrior. In general, the weapon seems coldly practical. Being the most probable history of the weapon, some scholars have considered that the soul of a Dwarven warrior from the time of the Great Elf and Dwarf War. What does not fit though is that the weapon does not seem to mind be wielded by Elves, Humans, or any other race. Does not even seem to have any particular hatred of creatures of stone. Does seem to get some pleasure at shattering stone and rock but even this seems tempered.

While one cannot call the weapon “Good”, it does seem to have a code of honor. Hates anybody who actually kills for pleasure. War is something one has to do, one should not take pleasure in killing others. Torture might also be used to get information but never for pleasure. Another place this code of honor is often felt is that the weapon expects those going throw a wall (and in general) to not kill an innocent. Maybe tie one up or even kidnap such an individual. On the other hand, when dealing with sleeping foes or otherwise disarmed enemies, the weapon sees little wrong with slaying them. The weapon expects a wielder, and those under them, to keep their word of honor as well not betraying allies.

While the weapon will allow those who might be considered “too nice” for the weapon to use it, it will not bond with them. Will also tend to bicker and argue with them, suggesting that it might be best to use to use torture to extract information and to slay unarmed foes in some cases. The weapon can be quite insistent although is not generally very charismatic.

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