Falcon Crossbow of Eirina (Magical Crossbow):

Only a few nobles use long bows. Many do use short bows but many other nobles prefer crossbows over them. They are often used for combat and for hunting. As one might expect, many are works of art and are highly decorated. In addition, there are a number of enchanted crossbows which have been made for nobles.

The Falcon Crossbow of Eirina is believed to be just over a century old, made for a lesser noble of the Timero Kingdom. While there a few similar crossbows, the Falcon Crossbow of Eirina is one of the finer examples of enchanted crossbows. It is believed that the house fell on hard times and almost everything of value was sold in order to pay off debts.

Since then, the crossbow has ended up in the hands of several other nobles but has also been carried in the hands of several adventurers. The last known owner has disappeared and it thought that the crossbow was lost when that happened. Several have tried to figure out what happened to the crossbow but none have been able to find where it was lost.

A medium crossbow, the crossbow is more of a work of art than most. That is one reason why there have been several attempts to discover what happened to it. The crossbow us inlaid with silver with the "Bow String" appearing to be made from silver as well. The body of the crossbow is made from some kind of light brown wood. The bow staves, trigger, and stirrup appear to be made from fine steel that gleams as if constantly oiled. The wood shows no signs of wear either.

The front of the crossbow is in the design of a falcon's head with the body of the crossbow covered in feather patterns. The eyes of the falcon are tiny emeralds. Each end of the staves appears to end in claw type designs.

As far as balance, the crossbow is incredibly well balanced and accurate. Few elves use crossbows and few eleven bowers specialize in making crossbows. Instead, some dwarves make high quality crossbows as well as some human weapon makers. It is unknown if the crossbow was made by the hand of a human or dwarf.

As with a great many enchanted weapons, the crossbow is enchanted to be indestructible. The crossbow will adjust to the strength of the wielder of the crossbow. In addition, when fired the bolts are filled with magical energy. This causes the bolts to penetrate deeper than they would from the strength of the shooter.

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