Lash (Flaming Whip):

Lash is an ancient magic item, believed to be from the days where Elves ruled the world. The magic used to create the magic item have been lost in time although Alchemists know how to create other weapons of fire including flaming swords. While the magic item is believed to be truly ancient, it was only discovered in the ruins of a destroyed Elven city in the Old Kingdom about two hundred years ago. Several scholars have studied extensively records from before the destruction of the Elven kingdom but nothing has been able to discover on an item resembling it. It was purchased at a huge cost by an alchemist who was attempting to study the item to see if he could recreate the magic but was unable to copy it even after a couple of decades of studies, was unable to copy the item.

When not active, Lash appears to be a white gold bracer with the design of red gold flames inlayed into the jewelry. The wrist side of the bracer extends outwards towards the wrist. The bracelet has a row of rubies along the face. While one might expect such an item to be extremely soft, the metal appears to be indestructible. While indestructable, the bracer is too small to be used as a shield. The bracelet will size to fit the wearer. The word, "Release" in Elven, directed at the bracer, will cause the bracer to be released. When commanded with the word, "Whip" in Elven, a ten foot long whip of fire extends from the extended portion of the bracer. When the word, "Retract" is commanded to the bracer, the flaming whip disappears, appearing to retracting back into the bracer.

There is no limit to the number of times which the flaming whip can be created per day and the enchantment prevents the wielder from accidently being hit themselves. In addition to the ability to create a flaming whip, the bracer has the ability to throw fireballs up to three times per day. These fireballs do not inflict as much damage as the whip but are useful for extending beyond hand to hand range and have twice the range of a normal fireball and inflict greater damage than from normal magic weapons as well.

Note: Weapons inflict S.D.C. in S.D.C. Worlds and inflict M.D.C. in M.D.C. Worlds.

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