Bone Blade of Rabahl (Holy Sword of Evil):

The name "Doomfear" is used by some scholars who have studied the weapon while others use the name "Bone Blade of Rabahl." There is also several stories about the origin of the weapon. No matter what the story, the weapon is a very old and powerful holy weapon of evil and has been carried by priests or darkness, evil paladins, witches, and necromancers.

The most popular story told of the origin of the weapon is that it was created by the Goddess Hel from the bone of an Arch Fiend by the name of Rabahl and the weapon was given to a prized minion of Hel. It is also told that the Arch Fiend was assigned to serve her by the Deevil Lord Sahtalus, her husband, but betrayed her. The story tells that the right femur of the Deevil was used but the Arch Fiend was not killed by Hel. It is also said that the magic which Hel used to create the weapon prevented the leg of the Deevil from growing back. In the story, he swore revenge on anyone who possessed the weapon.

Stories tell that the sword was given by Hel to a mortal witch who served her faithfully. There is disagreement on if the possessor of the weapon was a male or female. The witch called the weapon "Doomfear"and carried the weapon for several years. The end of the Witch came at the hands of the Arch Fiend who's leg bone was used to make the sword. It is said that several other wielders of the sword found their end at the hands of the Arch Fiend Rahahl. Still, the powers of the weapon make it very desirable and many would gladly rick extreme danger to possess it.

It is clearly visible that the sword is made from bone and is yellowed from the ages it exists. The sword is large and can be wielded by either one hand or both hands. Even though the bone appears to be yellowed from age, the weapon has no scratches or other signs of wear. The sword is double bladed and is incredibly sharp for being ancient and constructed from bone. Most scholars considered the weapon to be indestructible. The sword is extremely simple with a simple straight hand guard and simple grooves in the handle to improve the wielders grip. The only decoration is writing along the blade in runes which states in the language of the Deevils that "May all view this blade and feel the fear of doom."

The weapon's most dangerous power is that the when the sword is drawn, it creates an aura where everybody around the wielder feels that death is about to get them and that they will fail at whatever they try. While the aura does not effect the wielder of the sword. The other power that is well known is that injuries caused by the weapon don't heal normally and get infected. If the injuries are not healed by magic or by psychic abilities, the victim will catch wound fever and be extremely disabled and will likely die within a few days. Few good people will consider using the weapon due to this ability. The weapon is extremely sharp and well balanced. It is said that none of the abilities of the sword will effect the Arch Fiend "Rabahl"and it will act as a normal sword if used against him.

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