Cloak of the Cheetah / Jaguar (Enchanted Cloak):

There are a number of enchanted cloaks which alchemists created. Some are created for wizards and other practitioners of magical arts. Some, like the "Cloak of the Bear," are more popular among warriors. Another is the "Cloak of the Cheetah" and "Cloak of the Jaguar." These cloaks are mostly made in the Western Empire and Land of the South Wind but are exported in only a limited numbers elsewhere in the Palladium World. Only a comparative handful of alchemists know how to make these cloaks. There is no particular group who these cloaks especially appeal to although they are popular.

As one might expect by the description of these cloaks, they are made from the skin of a Cheetah or Jaguar. Some trackers specialize in hunting these great cats to make these cloaks. Luckily, these magic items are not common enough to threaten the existence of these animals. Only the finest of furs are normally used. These enchanted cloak includes the head of the cat that acts as a hood. A few, considered especially exotic, are those made from rare variations of the cats and might cost just a bit more than common animal skins. This includes those with unusual fur pattens, those who are black or white in pigment and those with stripes or swirls instead of spots.

In common with a cloak of armor, these cloaks offer excellent protection. Compared to a suit of chain mail, these suits offer about equal protection. They are even tougher than a suit of chain mail and actually can withstand greater damage than a suit of plate before being wrecked. A special enchantment is that the cloak regenerates damage inflicted to it. It does not regenerate as far as some metal armor made in the Western Empire and can days or even weeks to fully regenerate. An alchemist and some spells can also be used to repair the cloak far quicker than it would regenerate. As common with regenerating armor, the cloak will no longer regenerate and the enchantments fade away if the cloak is destroyed.

These cloaks also give environmental protection. It is in some ways similar to the environmental tent and protects against from the weather including both cold and heat. Keeps a person comfortable and dry in most situations. An adventurer is often attacked by hostile weather more frequently than swords and spears. The cat hood must be worn cover the head and the cloak must be completely wrapped around the wearer to be fully effective. The enchantment also makes the cloak self cleaning.

The final enchantment is one of "Fleet Feet." While active, the wearer’s prowess, speed, and attacks are doubled while the enchantment are active. Moving like a whirlwind, it can make the wearer incredibly hard to beat in combat. There are some weakness such as the wearer does not always react quite as quickly initially due to loss of concentration and has trouble with some non combat tasks. The enchantment lasts for three minutes when activated and can be activated up to three times per day.

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