Elemental Harp of Water (Rune Harp):

Items imbued with Rune Magic are among the most valuable magic items on the Palladium World. There are stories of Kings giving up their crowns for a rune item although many scholars are skeptical of this. Rune Magic has been used to enchant a variety of different items with weapons being the most common. There are also a number of well known books which are enchanted with Rune Magic. There is said to be a number of rings which are enchanted with Rune Magic. Finally, there are a handful of musical instruments which are suppose to have been enchanted with Rune Magic.

Of them, four of the most famous are the Elemental Harps. There is an Elemental Harp of Earth, Air, Fire, and finally of Water. There is an incredible amount of lore surrounding these items which many scholars discount much of it. They are known to exist but much of the rest is under debate. Even the stories which are most likely true have likely been embellished over the ages. The age of the instruments is unknown although most scholars assume they are quite old. Who created the instruments is also unknown although the favorite among scholars is the god Thoth. Some other gods are entertained as the creator as well as ideas of possibly an ancient dragon with a love of magic.

Each of the instruments seem to be in a color which represents their elemental forces. Each one also appears to be made from an unknown metal. The Elemental Harp of Water is a blue green and is covered in the design of storm waters tossing. The carvings are intricate and somehow the creator made it so that when played, the waves seem to move on the instrument although this is believed to be an optical illusion. When played, there is a dark blue glow around the instrument. The strings also appear to be made from metal, a light blue in this case and there appears to be no way of untuning the instrument. The hard shows no sign of its age, not even a sign of a scratch, and is by virtually all accounts indestructible.

Musci played from the instrument is incredible although the music seems to take on the tempest of the waves and storms. Many who listen to the instrument being played have visions of the waters moving along, calm sometimes and at other times as a storm. The instrument appears to be able to played by virtually anybody although those with actual skill in the harp seem to be able to coax the most from the beautiful harp.

What seem to produce the power inherent in rune items is a trapped spirit or presence. The Elemental Harp is no exception to this. It has a love of music which few humans ever seem to have. It seems to love musicians themselves almost as much although will allow non musicians to play the instrument. It will only bond with those who are harpists. It also seems to like sailors although will not bond with them unless they can play a harp. It seems to have no special affinity for Elemental Masters though. Like the harps sisters, the Elemental Harp of Water seems to have no clear idea of what good an evil. It does not seem to like those who get delight from the suffering of others. Honor or Dishonor are also ambiguous ideas from the harp with no clear idea of such concepts as Word of Honor. The spirit does appear to have a highly independent streak.

All of the Harps of the Elements are known to be able to communicate with Elementals. It does not matter which element the hard is attuned to, it can be used to communicate with any of them. It does not actually grant the ability to speak the language but the music seems to transform what the player says into something the elemental understands. A secondary effect is that a person with the harp is treated much the same way an Elemental would treat an Elemental Master which come also call Warlocks. As such, they will not usually be attacked unless specifically directed to attack the player of the instrument.

The harp also has the ability to grant the player abilities just as if he were casting spells of the Elemental Masters. Unlike weapons, there are not limited to offensive or combat spells. Many of the abilities seem to be to be able to summon and control creatures of the water. This includes Whales and Sharks as well as fish. It also allows the player to communicate with almost any sea creatures. Finally, the player can summon a Water Wisp as a fragment of a Water Elemental and can actually create a tiny Hurricane.

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