Enchanted Perfume [Magic Potions, Fumes, and Gasses]:

This magic item is relatively common and many nobles use this perfume. The perfume is commonly in a spray bottle. It is available in a wide variety of scents and is available in scents for both males and females. Once put on, the perfume has a duration of twelve hours unless completely washed off or "Aura of Non-Scent" are used. There are slightly more expensive versions available with durations of sixteen, twenty-four, and even forty-eight hours.

The enchanted perfume will cover up any body odors although the person is able to be scented easily by any creature with a strong sense of smell including Wolfen. The perfume also gives the wearer a +10% to charm and impress abilities and helps with +10% to seduction skill rolls as well.

Cost: 300 credits per one ounce bottle for twelve hour duration. Sixteen hour duration costs 400 credits per ounce, twenty-four hour duration costs 500 credits per ounce, and forty-eight hour duration costs 600 credits per ounce. One ounce is good for five applications.

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