Satchel Fisherman (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

Adventures have many of the same problems which the common person has. Bugs, rain, and going hungry are common concerns. Often adventurers will underestimate how much in the way of supplies they need. As such, there are a number of spells which create food. Often it is unappealing gruel. Another option is to hunt or fish for food. Except for in desert areas, there are streams, rivers, and lakes stocked with fish. The coastline of the ocean is often teaming with fish as well.

Of course, a fishing pole is a fairly large item and fishing line is also takes some care. Long ago, an Alchemist came up with a solution which he or she called the "Satchel Fisherman." No one knows when the first one was created but the item became widely duplicated by other alchemists.

The item is fairly simple although it uses magic similar to the transformable weapon. In its collapsed or "Satchel" form, it appears to be a short rod about eight inches long and about an inch and a half wide. When commanded, it extends to a full fishing rod six to eight feet long. As well, there is a line and hook hanging from one end. It seems to almost come from nowhere. While some need to be baited, others have lures of various types. Another command causes the line to extract to a maximum of two hundred feet. Yet another command causes the line to retract back into the pole. While extremely thin, the line will support up to one hundred pounds, not meant to deal with truly huge fish. The pull strength of the enchantment is a bit weaker and is limited to around forty pounds. The line is enchanted so it will never tangle.

Cost: 8000 Gold

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