Storm Breaker (Rune Sabre):

The "Radiant Star" was a merchant ship out of the Eastern Territory. It was not a new ship, something like twenty years old, but was still sound. The galleon had sailed the seas for many years and had traveled the Eastern Coast from the Bizantium Kingdom to the Land of the South Winds. There had been some attacks of pirates but the crew had always managed to fend them off. It was considered a lucky ship and much of the crew had served onboard her for many years.

The "Radiant Star" was unusual in having a female captain. As well, almost a dozen of her crew were female. Female captains and crew were not unknown but they were rare. Captain Jalle Marne was a striking blond woman in her forties and well respected by both her crew and other ships captains. Because of the galleon's reputation of being both fast and reliable, the captain could request top pay for carrying cargos.

In the cargo holds, the "Radiant Star" carried fresh fruits up to the Eastern Territory. They could be worth a kings ransom if the ship could get them to their destination before they spoiled. Many nobles would pay quite well for what was in the holds. The ship was well ahead of its goal and it looked like the ship would make it in good time. The crew was already looking forward to spending their pay.

Unfortunately, the sky was darkening. It was the ninth moon, a little late for a major souther storm, but this felt like it could be a full blown hurricane. Whatever it was, it was traveling fast. The "Radiant Star" was heading north around ten knots and the storm was going at least twice that. The waves picked up and the sails strained as the wind picked up. Could this be the vessels last voyage. Some captains hired on an air or water warlock to deal with storms but Captain Marne never had.

The captain had been riding the wheel as the galleon had dug into the green spray. The captain had wanted to ride out the storm if possible but the ships would soon be torn apart at this rate. Suddenly she drew the sabre that always sat at her hip. An intricate designed blue grey steel hilt was all that most of the crew had even seen of the weapon. While quite approachable, she never allowed anyone to handle or even touch the weapon. Few of the crew had ever seen her draw it and Jalle had spoken little about it. Some of the old hands had last seen her draw it when they had fought off pirates. As one might expect, there were many rumors about the sword. Some of the old hands said that it was deeply engraved with runes but few of the new crew believed them. The old hands also told of her calling lighting against the captain of the pirates which was also treated skeptically by many of the younger crew members.

In the blue gray steel of the sabre, the crew around her could see deep runes in the blade. The old hands had not been lying. It really was a rune sword. Suddenly in a strong voice Captain Marne commanded, "Storm Breaker!" The runes in the blade began to glow with a bright white light. Suddenly, the wind began to die down. Slowly, the waves calmed down. It was incredible. A good stiff breeze pushed the vessel but it no longer threatened to shred the sails or splinter the mast.

Storm Breaker is an extremely powerful rune weapon which is valued by ship captains and admirals more than most other rune weapons. Throughout the weapons known history, it has been carried by a vast variety of captains and fleet officers. Countless ships and fleets have been saved by the rune sabre's main special ability. Many of the wielder's names are quite famous and are important historical figures. Due to the sword’s main ability, many scholars consider it to be a greatest rune weapon. Many scholars have studied the weapon extensively and its comparatively recent history is very well documented. Granted that this only goes back around a thousand years although there are fragments of tales which appear to support the weapon having been existence since at least the times when the Elves ruled the continent. Like many rune weapons, no one knows who created Storm Breaker. Some speculate that it was the god Thoth although there are some who argue against that. The weapon itself has been silent about its creation.

Storm Breaker is a slim blue grey sabre. Like all rune weapons, runes run down the length of the weapon. When the enchanted on the weapon are activated, the runes glow a bright white. While the handle is also lined with runes, they are hard to see in the intricate design of the hilt of the weapon. The design appears to be of waves and mixed in is the design of birds, maybe sea eagles or osprey. They are slightly stylized so there is no real way of being able to tell which they actually are. The blade is extremely sharp and slightly curved. The weapon comes to a point and is as useful as a stabbing weapon as for slashing. It should be considered a masterwork and is as finely balanced as the best Dwarven crafted sabres.

There is a lot of speculation on what the soul within the blade is. Some consider it likely that the being who forms the heart of the weapon was an extremely powerful air warlock. Others consider it more likely that it was some kind of supernatural creatures. Some ideas include an air elemental or a Jinn. Due to the alignment of the blade, this is unlikely. The sword itself appears to be more unprincipled than anything else. The weapon appears to be good natured but have a certain disregard or disdain for the "rules."As one might expected, many of the wielders have been something of mavericks. Virtually all possessors have been involved with the seas in one way or another. One thing that is clear is that while it has a disdain for the rules, the weapon has an absolute hatred for pirates. The personality of the weapon has been described as more female than anything else by most possessors. Still, the sword has been owned by both males and females. She does not appear to really discriminate. Most possessors have been human although the weapon seems not to be all that concerned about the race of its owner in general.

The main ability of "Storm Breaker" is to stop storms. The radius of effect of the ability is far greater than that cast by any warlock and is closest to that as if the spell was cast by a greater air elemental. When cast, the enchantment appears to effect about a thirty mile diameter where most casters would be likely to effect a three mile diameter. The ability can be activated up to four times per day and lasts for two hours each time it is activated. Most storms, especially hurricanes, are fast moving and the ship can get out of the most dangerous area of the storm quickly. The enchantment can also dissipate magically created storms. The sword also has a variety of other air warlock abilities which are separate from is ability to stop storms. The most commonly used ability is that to create lightning bolts in battle. Another is to create a powerful rush of wind which can be extremely effective in combat. When used against another ship, it can br highly effective at close range. Another trick is to create a whirlwind on the deck of an attacking vessel and allow it to travel down the enemy ship’s deck. A cloud can be created by the sword which most people who are trapped within the cloud will fall asleep. Finally, the sword has the ability to create short bursts of wind. It is not enough to keep the ship moving but can often help.

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