Ar’chius “Rainbow Sword” (Lightbringer Rune Sword):

The history of many Lightbringer weapons is a mystery. Ar’chius is no exception. Nobody is sure when the weapon was created and who might have possessed it in the past. It is believed to have been lost for centuries if not millenniums before it was found. Some scholars have suggested that the weapon may have been created by the god Thoth himself but there is no real evidence of this.

The sword has only been rediscovered relatively recently. It is said to have been found by a group of adventures traveling deep in the wilderness in the Eastern Territory, perhaps in an ancient Elven ruin. With regard to the style of the weapon however, it does not appear to be particularly Elven in origin. Others have wondered if there might be more similar enchanted weapons and staged expeditions to where the weapon is rumored to have been found. However, none have come back with much and several lost their lives in the process.

The weapon is a work of art, Many Lightbringer rune weapons are incredibly beautiful but this one is exception even when compared to most others. It is an extremely graceful appearing sword which appears perfectly balanced. The handle appears to be an extremely delicate filigree of gold and silver with mother of pearl inlays on the grip itself. What makes the weapon truly beautiful however is the way that the blade shimmers. It actually shimmers in a rainbow of colors, red, green, and blue.

As far as anyone has been able to tell, the weapon has no really distinct personality. This is reasonably common among “Holy” rune weapons. Those who have tried to probe it telepathically at best get some indistinct impressions. It will however only allow itself to be used by those of good or unprincipled alignments however. The sword does not allow those of evil or any selfish alignments with the exception of unprincipled.

Beyond being exquisitely balanced, the weapon does have a number of abilities. As with other Lightbringer weapons, the sword is indestructible and shows absolutely no sign of wear on the weapon. The weapon looks as it did when it was first forged.

In addition however, the weapon has a number of wizard like abilities. One is to create an aura around the wearer that makes them appear more powerful. A second is to create an aura which acts as armor for the wielder. A third is that whenever the wielder is attacked and the ability is active, the attacker is at risk of being blinded. Instead of using it defensively, the wielder can attack using blinding flashes. For non combat use, the wielder can activate globes of daylight. Finally, the wielder can also throw energy bolts for longer ranged attacks. Each of these have a visual effect to them.





Can communicates with wielder through limited empathy (Rarely / never does).










Weapon Bonuses:

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