Cloak of the Forests (Enchanted Cloak):

A relatively new magic item, believed to be inspired by the Eastern Leather Armor of the Forest and had similar enchantments. It is believed that the cloak was first made in the Eastern Territories but since then the secret has spread to the Western Empire, Timero Kingdom, and elsewhere.

While still uncommon, the cloak is becoming popular with Rangers, Druids, and Earth Elementalists especially those who do not like to wear any kind of body armor. Presently, a comparatively small number of alchemists create these items. Due to supply not keeping up with demand, there is a waiting period on these cloaks unless one is willing to pay a premium for them.

While created in a variety of different styles, there are some common features. Generally, the cloaks appear to be made as if there are constructed from overlapping layers of leaves. Different kinds of leaf designs are used, some using oak, maple, ash, elm, and other. Some also have a mix of different types of leaves. Many of the cloaks are dyed green while others are bright colors, as if representing fall leaves. Most cloaks have a hood as part of the cloak.

As far as enchantments, the cloak is created to give the wearer protection similar to a cloak of armor. It gives general protection similar to a full suit of chain armor while far tougher than any normal suit of chain. In fact, it is even tougher than a suit of plate armor.

In addition, the cloak will regenerate damage which is inflicted against it. Comparatively slow in its regeneration, does not regenerate as fast as some of the enchanted metal armors made in the Western Empire. As long as the cloak is not destroyed, it will continue to regenerate. If destroyed, the enchantment will no longer allow the cloak to regenerate. Can also be repaired through alchemist’s magic.

The common final enchantment is that the cloak allows the wearer to blend into the environment. The enchantment is not equal to the spell of “Chameleon” but is still extremely effective. Main advantage of the enchantment is that is does not need to be activated each time it is use.

While not all cloaks have this enchantment, some also have the enchantment of “Environmental.” Gives protection similar to an environmental tent. It keeps the wearer warm and dry under most conditions. While some disregard this enchantment, nothing like being caught in a cold and wet rain to value it. Most with this enchantment also are self cleaning.

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