Goldfire’s Sword (Magical Claymore):

Three male knights surrounded a single female knight. From the female knight, wisps of golden hair could be seen peaking out from the bottom of the helm and soft blue eyes locked with her enemies. The three knights in black armor were poised to attack her. Three brothers, they had never been defeated, and feared everywhere. They had killed many knights in their long career and they considered her to just be another head to collect the bounty. She had made enemies of many powerful and influential people with the heroic deeds and defense of the innocent.

Her name was Goldfire, said to be the most skilled knight in all the lands, and she had other ideas. Suddenly her armor burst into flames and her sword burst into flames only moments afterwards. Instead of waiting for the black knights to attack her, she struck at the knight who seemed to be the commander. Her speed took him by surprise and his sword came up just in time to parry her claymore. The villain found himself staggered by the powerful blow. The claymore rained down in blow after blow. The other two black armored figures tried to help their commander but the female knight managed to parry most of their blows, using the extended reach of her claymore to keep them from getting too close.

The battle went on, blow after blow. She flew like the fire that surrounded her. Finally, the evil commander overextended himself and the claymore founds its way deep into his guts. Blood steamed as the sword took him down in agony. Making the mistake to cross the knight Goldfire. He tried to get back up but while down, the great sword struck again and cleaved his head from its neck. Such was the fate of those who crossed the great knight.

The two remaining knights continued circling the female knight but they were looking at each other in fear. He was the strongest of them and she had taken him down with comparative ease. Still, they would show her what happens when you cross the brothers. There were still only one of her and two of them. Still, try as the might, they could find their way past the guard of the fiery knight. Sword blows sounded like thunder. As the fight continued, they felt more and more fear of this female knight. Suddenly, one of the remaining black made a mistake. It only took one and he find himself suffering the same fate as his brother. He collapsed as the blade withdrew.

The final knight had been fighting cowardly fear the whole battle and suddenly fear took over. He threw down his sword and simply ran.

Bedtime Story told about Goldfire

Goldfire is a knight who has many tales told about her. Her real name is believed to be Faythe Migrano and lived several centuries ago. She has become a folk hero with the telling and retelling of stories about her. The big problem is that there are so many tales told about her that it is hard to tell truth from fiction. Her magic sword and armor definitely exist and most scholars do agree that she is real person but otherwise there is little agreement.

It is believed that she is of noble birth but it is not known what land she really comes from. Some give her as coming from the Eastern Territories while others give her birthplace as the Western Empire. There appears to be no traces left of her family although several families in both the Western Empire and Eastern Territories claim to be related to her. While most stories make her as being extremely heroic, some scholars think that it is just part of her legend. Most descriptions give her blond hair and blue eyes but that is also disputed by some.

After her death, which there are various legends about as well, the sword and armor seemed to drift from person to person. Most of the owners have been women and the armor itself will only fit to women although anyone can use the sword. In most cases, the possessors have tried to keep the two magic items together but they have been separated in the past. As might be expected, one or the other has been stolen in the past by thieves. In one case, a female knight went on a long quest to find the sword after she had found the armor. This is believed to have been about a century and a half ago. There is also a case where a sister wore the armor and her brother wielded the sword. While some stories are told about others who have owned the items, none of the possessors of the armor or claymore have developed anything like the legends centered around Goldfire herself.

A magnificently balanced weapon, the blade of the claymore slowly tapers down the length of the blade until it reaches almost the tip when it angles more sharply inward and comes to an incredible sharp point. The silvery blade also narrows just about the hilt. There is no writing on the blade and it is incredibly smooth, showing absolutely no sign of wear. A large diamond pattern from the hilt runs along the blade to this point and there is a diamond pattern as part of the hand guard of the sword. Unlike the main diamond pattern, they angle slightly inwards. The guard appears to be made from gold and there are a pair of red gems imbedded on either side of the hand guard, one in the center diamond pattern and one just below it. Extended from the sides of the hand guard are a pair of what look like claws to give additional protection for the wielder. There is careful etching in the hand guard although of a more or less abstract nature. The actual handle is long but fairly narrow, designed for easy two handed grip on it. The handle itself is wrapped in red silk which is in a cross work style pattern. The hilt ends in a gold ball which is designed to partially balance out the weight of the blade. The sword, like the armor, is a work of art. As stated previously, there have been problems in the past with thieves trying to steal the sword.

The sword is the equal of some of the best swords crafted by Dwarven Weaponsmiths and would have been prized even if not enchanted. Like a great many magical weapons, the sword is indestructible. The blade is also incredibly sharp and often penetrates much deeper than one might expect from a normal blow. The final special ability of the sword is that it can burst into flames. The enchantment where a weapon is constructed from pure fire are comparatively common but the weapon has a solid base and simply bursts into flames, increasing the damage even more that it would be otherwise. The enchantment is not unknown but is incredibly rare, only a few alchemists on the Palladium world know how to create it with most of them living in the Western Empire. Unlike the standard flaming sword, the enchantment only lasts for twelve minutes at a time and can be activated up to three times per day.

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