Snow Leopard Leather (Enchanted Leather Armor):

This enchanted leather armor has passed through a variety of hands since it was first became known. The first stories are believed to only a few hundred years old. Been worn by several nobles, although rarely an actual knight. Most prefer the heavier metal armor. Various adventurers have also worn it including a priestess, mind mage, and a skilled archer. For most of its known history, the armor has been found within the lands of the Eastern Territories.

There are two schools of though on its origins. Most scholars believe that the armor was made in the Great Elven Empire during its height and was unearthed comparatively recently.    Some experts have examined the armor and have compared it in style with some other enchanted armors from the ancient Elven Kingdom.

Another school of though is that it is not than ancient an item and was made comparatively within the Western Empire. All of the enchantments are available within the Empire so it is at least possible. There have been some similar suits made by alchemists in the Empire. There is the suggestion that the first owner of the armor traveled to the Western Empire just before finding the suit.

Whenever it was actually made, the design of the armor is a snow white set of soft leather armor which utilizes both soft leather, mostly at the joints, and hard leather plates. In the breast plate as well as the back plate, there is the design of snow leopard, intricately done in a series of grooves. These are inlaid with silver. Beside being a work of art, the suit is of incredible construction. One wearing the armor finds that it restricts their movement and a joke is that one can dance in the armor.

Most of the enchantments are relatively common as far as the armor. Extremely tough and strong, one could compare it to a suit of scale armor although actually can withstand far more abuse. In addition, the armor will regenerate damage which is inflicted against it. Does not regenerate as fast as some metal armors. In addition, the armor is virtually weightless.

Finally, the most spectacular enchantment is one of fleet feet. Able to be used up tho three times per day, the enchantment causes the wearer to be a virtual whirlwind of attacks. The wearer will also find their running speed and their prowess greatly enhanced. It only lasts for three minutes but still makes the wearer an incredible deadly opponent during the duration of the enchainment.

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