The White Spear (Magical Spear):

While swords are the common weaponry of the nobility, the sword is the single most common weapon used besides knives. Properly used, it can be extremely dangerous and effective. The spear is the main weapon of most armies and mercenary companies. A tight packed wall of spears can be fearsome to break. There have been a number of magical spears made with the White Spear one of the better known examples of magical spears.

It is believed that the White Spear was created for an Elven captain of a mercenary company several centuries ago. A woman, she was suppose to have been a member of the Emperor of the Western Empire body guard before starting her own mercenary company. Some stories tell that the entire company was composed of women with the main weapon of the company being spears. Their fighting style combined the shield and spear.

The leader herself had a special spear commissioned by an alchemist. Not just a captain, she fought alongside her soldiers. Stories tell of her having fought black knights, powerful monsters, and even a couple of demons. It is said that no matter how heavy the armor the enemy wore or how tough the monsters hide was, her spear managed to always find a chink in its defenses.

Like many magic items, the White Spear is a work of art which few can equal. The head of the spear is forged from a silver metal and is tooled with designs of the Aligarn flower surrounded by vines. The shaft of the spear is a white wood which is polished to perfection. The spear is extremely well balanced and feels light in the wielder's hand. In quality, the spear equals that of an incredibly well crafted Dwarven weapon even though Dwarves rarely use spears themselves. Even though hundreds of years old, the spear shows no signs of wear.

Other than being impervious to damage, the most powerful enchantment is that the weapon will automatically penetrate any armor or creature's hide as long as it strikes. This enchantment is extremely rare and only a few alchemists within the Western Empire know the secret. As well, the spear appears to do more damage than one would expect. While the enchantments can be replicated within the Western Empire, the spear is still extremely effective when used properly.

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