Dark Moon - Magic Item (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

Zombies can generally only be created during the light of the full moon. This limitation on the magic used to create zombies can be extremely frustrating to necromancers especially Death Walkers. There is one magic item which allows the creation of zombies during times other than the full moon. A one of a kind item, this item is known as the "Dark Moon." Several times, necromancers and others who used zombies have fought for possession of the Dark Moon. Over the years, there have also been may attempts to destroy the item although it appears to be completely indestructible. As well, it has been hidden several times to keep it from necromancers.

Dark Moon appears to be a large black stone, about six inches in diameter, which hangs on a thick silver chain. It can be worn as a large medallion but can be hung on a wall as well. When a zombie is being animated, the stone is hung over the body and a eery cold light emits from the stone. This acts as if it is the light of the full moon for the animation of a zombie. As well, cost for animating a zombie is half normal if it is used when the full moon is shining. The only restriction seems to be that the stone only works in the dark.

Several scholars have studied the stories about the item and some speculate that somehow the creator of the item by storing the light of a full moon. Others speculate that the stone is actually a piece of the moon. A final theory is that the blood of a deity tied to the moon was used in the creation of the item. Several deities have strong ties to the moon. It is unknown whoever made the item and nobody seems to be able to have actually figured out how it was made. There is the usual opinion that it might have been made by one of the gods, perhaps Thoth or Anubis. The first stories of an item similar to this seem to go back a few thousand years. There appears to be no sort of presence or soul in the item and the item actually is not evil although many use it towards evil ends.

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