Sarya’s Pendant / Pendant of the Storm:

During the height of the elven kingdom, there were a great many magic items created both great and small. The art used to create many of them were lost in time. Many of these lost items have been long forgotten. While many were destroyed during the wars between the elves and the dwarves, every so often a lost artifact will be found by adventures.

Sarya’s Pendant, also known as the Pendant of the Storm, is a lost elven artifact only recently rediscovered. Through object reading the pendant, the name Sarya was discovered. It appears as if she was an elven woman, quite possibly a noble of some kind. As a result, the discovers decided to name the item after her. There have been some attempts by scholars to find information about the pendant by looking through ancient archives but nothing has been discovered.

The pendant is a large tear shaped sapphire in a silver setting hanging on a silver chain. When one gazes inside the sapphire itself, it looks like there are clouds moving on the inside of the gem. This has led some scholars to believe that the enchantments are powered through a link to the element of air but more consider it more or less to be a conventional magic item.

As far as enchantments, the pendant has a number of different spell like abilities which the wearer can activate. Each can be activated up to three times per day. One is the ability to create a thunder clap, a second is to call a lightning bolt, and the final is to create a rush of wind. In addition, the pendant seems to make a being more attractive when worn.


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