Crystal Ring of Far Viewing (Enchanted Ring):

This magic item in some ways is in some ways similar to a crystal ball but is far more limited. Still, these magic items are far more common than crystal balls. While only a handful of Alchemists know how to make these enchanted rings, there is a small number who know the secrets of the magic. As one might expect, these magic rings are extremely expensive and the handful of Alchemists who can make these rings are highly sought after. Most appear to be in the Western Empire. The Crystal Rings are greatly prized especially among wizards and other practitioners of magic. The arts of creating these rings appear to come from at least the time of the elves and some truly ancient rings have been discovered by adventurers.

In appearance, these rings are a single sphere of flawless crystal which is about an inch (2.54 cm) in diameter. The crystal sphere can be clear, blue, white, green, or red. About half of the rings having the band of the ring also made from crystal itself so the ring appears to be made from solid crystal. Otherwise, the ring has a silver or gold band. While some of the silver or gold bands are plain, some are highly decorated.

The enchantment of the ring can be used up to three times per day and has a duration of six minutes per activation. The enchantment allows the wearer of the ring to see a vision of what is happening to a person, place, or object at the present time. The vision is without sound unlike a normal crystal ball. The vision appears within the crystal sphere and the ring must be worn for the magic to work. The target must be within 60 miles (96.6 km) and the wearer must have intimate knowledge of the person, place, or object which he or she wishes to observe. This means that the wearer must have met the person and at least spent a few minutes in their presence. For an object or location, the wearer must also have spent time in the room or in the objects presence. Finally, the wearer of the ring must have at least some idea where their target is located.

Cost: 150,000 Gold.

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