Medusa's Bane (Greater Holy Sword):

It is said that this sword was created for a demon hunter many centuries ago on the eve of battle with Gorgons. Some tell that it was not just normal Gorgons but one was a greater Gorgon, much more powerful than a normal Gorgon. The possessor needed some way to combat these demons without being turned to stone. It has been said that the sword was made by a goddess who was responsible for the first Gorgon. There are stories both that the hero defeated the Gorgons and that the hero dies in one last battle. Some even suggest that it was both where the hero managed to finish off the creatures but died in the attempt.

There are a great many other stories about the sword. The sword has otherwise been carried by many adventurers, some priests of the light, some paladins, and even undead hunters. All are said to have been great heroes, protectors of the innocents and slayers of evil. As one might expect, many have died in the never ending battle against evil. There is even a story that the sword was once lost in the realm of demons but a group of great heroes went into the demonic realm to rescue the blade. Of course, it is almost impossible to tell which stories are true and not true.

As far as design, the sword is slightly unusual compared to most swords in the Palladium World. In length, the sword is approximately the length of a long sword and the sword is double bladed. While most long swords are straight blades, the blade of Medusa's Bane narrows slightly before the hand guard and flutes wider until around one third of the way from the tip where it narrows again. The tip does come to a fine point. There is no groove through the blade as with many swords. On either side of the hand guard is the design of a woman's head with snakes surrounding the head. The blade is gleaming silver and the hand guard and handle appears to be made from bronze or brass. The handle appears to be wrapped in bronze or brass wire.

In balance, the holy sword is the equal of the finest weapons made by dwarven weaponsmiths. A wielder will find that they are able to get the best out of the demon slaying blade. The sword blade is honed to a razor's edge and never seems to dull. Even though the sword is ancient, it shows no signs of age and looks like it is new. Demons are said to have tried to destroy the weapon many times. Most believe the weapon to be completely indestructible.

Medusa's Bane glows with a soft white light. Due to enchantments on the blade, it inflicts greater damage than even the sharpness of the weapon explain. In fact, it seems to inflict similar damage to some rune blades. Against supernatural creatures including demons, the weapon inflicts even greater damage than it does to mortal foes.

These are not the end of the enchantments and the sword is usually considered a greater holy weapon. The biggest enchantment of the blade is that as long as possessed, the wielder cannot be turned to stone. This is not just by the abilities of a Gorgon but by a Basilisk, spell, or any other means. In addition, it can be used up to six times per day to negate being turned to stone. The blade needs to be touched against the being turned to stone. The sword can also be used to heal injuries up to six times per day.

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