Enchanted Saddles (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

There are various enchanted magic items for horses and other animals. These include tack and horseshoes. Another item however are enchanted saddles. The magic item makes the rider able to fight and ride mover effectively. These magic items are most popular among knights and paladins but sometimes other wealthy warriors and nobles will also have them.

As with most magic items, these saddles are normally highly decorated and are other finest quality. They are often made from the hide of supernatural creatures and are tougher than normal saddles. Most common saddles are war saddle types. There are also however scout style saddles as well.

Bonuses: +10% to Horsemanship (Riding) skills, +1 to strike, +1 Parry, +1 dodge, and reduce penalties for actuals while on horseback by half.

Cost: 25,000 Gold (Highly decorative saddles can cost several times more)

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