Shadow Blade of Arianna (Magical Saber):

This sword was commissioned by the thief "Arianna" around five hundred before the present day. She was extremely well known in her day and her reputation was that no treasure was safe from her, no matter how well protected. As a result, she was feared by merchants and tax collectors alike. She wanted a magic weapon that would give her an advantage over guards. She felt that the longer it takes to slay an opponent, the more guards can arrive and slow the thief down. She commissioned the weapon from one of the most skilled alchemist known in recent history although not considered the equal of the alchemists from the time of the Elven Old Kingdom. Rumor is that she did not pay the alchemist in gold but instead recovered a valuable artifact from an ancient city located in the Land of the Damned. She carried the sword for a great many years but eventually retired and passed the sword onto one of her children. The sword was lost and has found its way into many hands over the next several hundred years. It is believed to presently somewhere within the Western Empire. The sword is one of the more desired magic items and several thieves and assassins have attempted to acquire the magic sword.

The Shadow Blade of Arianna is an extremely attractive sabre and the weapon almost looks extremely delicate. The handle of the sabre is constructed of tiny beads which appear to be tiny black pearls which is spiraled with silver wire. The hand guard appears to be some type of black steel with silver designs inlaid into the guard. The curved blade is also constructed from what appears to be some type of black steel and is inlaid on both sides with a silver stripe. The sword is single edged with an incredibly sharp blade. The sabre also has a special scabbard with appears to be covered in black silk and is reinforced with silver strips with ring of black pearls in the middle of each of the silver strips. As a result of the incredible beauty of the sabre, it is a target for thieves who do not even know the weapon's special powers. This has caused many wielders to wrap both the scabbard and handle so it is not as obvious a target for thieves.

Arianna wanted a magic weapon which had the ability to make the wielder invisible, the blade always invisible, could penetrate armors, and was indestructible. The problem was that the alchemist could only put three enchantments into a weapon. She decided that the blade being invisible would not be as important as the other abilities and the blade would be invisible when she was invisible anyway. The alchemist was able to both the abilities of invisibility to four times per day and increase duration to fifteen minutes each time it is activated. She had the sword enchanted so that it would always find the gaps and chinks in any armor, bypassing the protection of the armor. This meant that she could bypass the armor of the wearer and take out her opponents much quicker than she could otherwise. The blade was made to be indestructible so she could parry the heaviest weapons without having her sword break in battle. She had lost several weapons in this way previously.

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