Enchanted Mariner's Astrolabe (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

Sailors of the Palladium World are often excellent navigators. A common tool, astrolabe are used by sailors in the Palladium World to navigate the oceans of the world. The astrolabe is used to determine the latitude by measuring the altitude of the sun at noon or of a star of known declination.

There are Alchemists who specialize in creating enchanted navigational gear. Mariners, if they can afford enchanted gear, will often purchase enchanted astrolabe and other enchanted navigational gear. Shops selling this type of gear usually can be found in sea coast cities. In some cases, these items are even available in smaller sea coast towns. Of course there are those who sell enchanted items who are less reputable who put fake enchantments on navigational gear and sell them as

Most enchanted mariner's astrolabes are made from brass. Part of the enchantments makes the astrolabe quite tough although are far from indestructible. Some are plain although most are highly decorated. As with many magic items, many are works of art with nautical themes predominating.

When using the enchanted astrolabe, it almost centers itself on the sun or on the star that is being used to navigate from. As such, it makes it significantly easier to navigate by the sun and stars. Unlike some enchanted magic items, these items do not give a base ability to those who are unskilled and one must have at least a basic skill in navigation. The astrolabe gives +20% to all navigational rolls.

Cost: 16,000 (undecorated) to 50,000 (highly decorative) Gold (Comparatively common)

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