Cloak of the Bear (Enchanted Cloak):

Usually when one thinks of cloaks, they think of wizards and other practitioners of magic. This one however is most popular among warriors, including rangers. In addition, the cloaks are quite popular with druids and priests of nature gods and goddesses. As one might expect, only a comparatively small number of alchemists make these cloaks. Many of these cloaks are made in the Western Empire and are exported around the world.

In appearance, the appearance of the cloak is that of a bear skin cloak including the head of the bear in the hood of the cloak. In that way, it is similar to the hood of the wolf. It can include a variety of different types of bears including black bear, brown bear, and grizzly bears. There are even a few cloaks of completely white fur from polar bears. There are variants with the same abilities also that use tiger and lion furs but they are less common than bear furs.

The cloak gives incredible protection, equal to a cloak of armor. It is as hard to penetrate as a suit of chain mail and is far tougher than any suit of chain mail. In fact, it can withstand about fifty percent greater abuse than a suit of plate armor before being destroyed. In addition, the cloak actually regenerates damage. It regenerates fairly slowly, much slower than the greater enchantment available for metal armors in the Western Empire. It can also be repaired through an alchemists magic. If the cloak is destroyed, it will no longer regenerate.

As a lesser form of protection, the cloak gives environmental protection similar to an environmental tent and most weather will not effect the wearer. While some individuals are not impressed, a long time on the trail will make most a believer. The cloak must be wrapped around the wearer and the bear hood over the head to be fully effective. The enchantment also makes the cloak self cleaning.

This is not what makes the armor so spectacular. The enchantment that makes the cloak special is that the wearer can activate an enchantment giving them superhuman strength. The wearer’s strength and endurance increases along with the ability to withstand damage. The wearer is also without fatigue while the enchantment is active. The enchantment lasts for ten minutes each time it is activated and can be activated up to three times per day.

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