Ring of Silence (Enchanted Ring):

When people think of stealth, they think about invisibility but silence but in reality silence is more important. This is especially true when attacking. Nothing alerts the guards more than the sound of battle. As one might expect, these magic rings are popular with both assassins and thieves.

Everything within the globe of silence is effected, both the wearer and potential victims. Prevents them from being able to scream for help. Footsteps of the wearer cannot be heard but they also cannot hear what is going on outside the globe so it is a bit of a double edged sword. Still, many consider the enchantment to be worth the dangers. It also prevents spell casters from casting spells within the globe in most cases. Makes is useful in slaying spell casters. Of course, most spell casters would not wear the ring themselves. It can be activated up to three times per day.

Effect (3 x per day): Enchantment of ring which when activated produces a globe of silence centered on the weapon. The globe of Silence has a diameter of 10 feet (3 meters) and has a duration of 36 melee rounds. Enchantment can be activated up to three times per day. Effects are as per the spell except wielder does not have to concentrate on it and moves with the ring. Also allows them to sneak silently. Can be more useful in some situations than invisibility.
Costs: 50,000 Gold

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