Elemental Harp of Fire (Rune Harp):

While Rune Weapons are the most common items enchanted with runes, there are stories of other times created with rune enchantment. Of these, the Rune Book is the best known but there are stories about several musical instruments with four being the most famous. Each is enchanted to control an elemental aspect. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. There are some extremely amazing stories about these instruments which most scholars believe are mostly fiction. Still, there is enough to believe that these instruments do exist. One problem is that the instruments have been known to disappear for decades or even centuries.

There is much talk about who might have created them with several churches claiming that their god created the instruments. There are a few who believe they were created by an incredibly ancient dragon who loved music. Still, the leading opinion on scholars is that the instruments were created by the god Thoth. No one, mortal or god is as skilled as he is and the god of magic is known to have created some absolutely incredible magic creations.

Dark red in color, the Elemental Harp of Fire appears to be made from sort of unknown metal. The instrument is intricately carved in the design of flames. The instrument seems to almost catch the essence of fire and when moved around, it looks like the flame almost flickers. It also seems to get a red glow whenever it is being played. The strings of the instrument are a red gold and there is no visible way of removing the strings. There is no sign of wear on the instrument and from all accounts the instrument is indestructible. When played, the notes from the instrument are incredibly beautiful. Songs played from the instrument seem to take on a wild and energetic tones.

The spirit inside of the instrument loves music and generally gets along well with musicians in general. The hard will allow non musicians to play it but will not bond with anyone who is not a harpist. It seems to have no special affinity with elemental masters. The instrument loves wild songs. It cannot be considered evil and there are acts which the instrument will show its disdain. Murder, especially extremely heinous murder creates dislike in the harp. Otherwise though, the instrument seems to have little idea of good and evil. It also does not have much of a sense for honor or dishonor. It does have a fiery temper at times and tends to get angry easily.

The instrument can be played by virtually anybody although those who have skill with the harp can play it even more beautifully. The music of the harp can be used to communicate with an elemental. They don't actually speak the elemental language but the music will be understood by the elemental as if the player is speaking in the elemental language. In most cases, an elemental will treat the player as they would a master of the elements sometimes known as a Warlock. As such, they will not usually be attacked unless specifically directed to attack the player of the instrument.

There is also the ability to cast various fire elemental magic while playing the harp. One hand must stay on the strings of the instrument to continue the magic. The most impressive is that a dancing fire can be summoned to fight for the player of the instrument. The second is that the player can create a wall of fire that screams and actually can cause people to run from the burning wall. As well, the instrument can cause the player of the to be immune to fire themselves. The player can also throw three small fire balls from their fingers as they play. The player can also concentrate and fuel a fire already burning and can actually extinguish flames as well.

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