Moonfire (Rune Sabre):

Like many rune weapons, the history of this weapon is from far back in the dim history of the Palladium world. It definitely dates from back before the founding of the great Elven nation which most scholars call the Old Kingdom today. While many records have been lost in the millenniums since the destruction of the Elven empire, there are clear record which survived about this blade. It was carried by several famous Elven heroes including an incredibly powerful Wizardess and a Mind Mage. In the chaos after the collapse of the Old Kingdom, the sword was lost for a time. The next records were of the sword in a temple dedicated to a moon deity. Over the millenniums, it has found its way into the hands of a variety of temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses of the moon. As might be expected, several of these temples claimed that the sword was made by their deity. Many more secular scholars disagree and give other potential creators. One of those includes the god Thoth although there is no real evidence for this.

Moonfire is a handsome sabre with a row of runes running along each side of the slender blade. The blade is slightly curved. While primarily a slashing weapon, the sabre comes to a sharp point and is useful for stabbing as well. It is extremely well balanced and is the equal of any blade forged by a Dwarven master weaponsmith. The blade is slightly unusual in color because while the base color is bluish grey, it seems much lighter than most with an almost whitish hue to the weapon. The guard for hilt of the weapon is carved with various symbols which appear to be representation of phases of the moon. The most spectacular feature of the blade is that whenever moonlight directly touches the blade, the blade glows with a pale white light. The blade will glow with this white light even during the day if the moon is visible. The blade glows the brightest when exposed to the light of a full moon.

Most deities of the moon are female and the personality buried within the blade appears to be female as well. She seems to get along best with other women and seems to prefer sorceress and mind mages over warrior types. She has bonded to a few mystics over the ages as well. She has bonded with few males and rumors are that they were lovers of the same sex. They have certainly described as effeminate. Even though the sword has been found its way into the possession of various temples, she also does not seem prefer priestesses and will rarely bond to a priest or a priestess. She can be a tease to her owner and likes to "share" in relationships of her owner. As well, the blade can be extremely contrary at times and gets into arguments with her owner. This is especially true during times of the new moon for some reason. Still, she is not evil and will not deny her owner use of her abilities when her possessor needs them. A strange property of the sword is that any female owner tends to have her own cycles or "Moon Phases" with the sabre. As might be expected, various comments over the ages have been addressed to the swords.

As previously described, Moonfire is a master quality weapon and like all rune weapons is completely indestructible. Her powers are those of a sorceress and she has a variety of spells which she can cast. Some of the more effective abilities is moving objects with magical force, creating a magical force field around the wielder, turn the dead, and make the wielder invisible. In turn with the moon, all abilities and the actual damage of the weapon increases when exposed to the light of the moon. Even if the moon is out, if the weapon is not struck by the light of the moon, the weapon has no increase in its abilities. This means that the abilities of the weapon are not increased underground. The abilities of the weapon are further increased under the light of a full moon.

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