Blue Crystal Swords (Magical Long Sword):

Eldron is one of the most famous Alchemists in history for his work with crystalline magic items especially weapons. Many of his magic items have unique enchantments but most have relatively normal enchantments. His items are often considered works of art and even the magic items he created with more conventional enchantments are greatly prized for their beauty and craftsmanship. The Blue Crystal swords are relatively conventional in enchantments but are extremely beautiful as well. Legends tell us that Eldron crafted two slim long swords for a companion from his adventuring days. It is sometimes told that his friend was an Elven Thief while other stories tell that the companion was a Mind Mage. Unlike most of the Alchemists other friends, he never stopped adventuring. He was said to have been traveling in the Northern Wilderness when he disappeared. According to stories, he was said to have been chasing the ruins of an ancient and incredibly wealthy city. No one actually knows what happened to the owner of the swords but one of the swords found its way into the hands of a knight in the Timero Kingdom. While the Knight never appears to have told where he found the sword, he was known to have been in the Northern Wildness before he came back with the Blue Crystal Sword. Several adventurer groups have went up to the Northern Wilderness to find the twin to the sword the knight found and many adventurers have never come back. Eldron also disappeared and while there have been rumored sighting of him, none of the sighting are considered reliable by most scholars. There are some recent magic items which are attributed to him but none can be reliably dated.

The Blue Crystal swords are slender long swords which are exquisitely balanced, have incredibly sharp blades, and a very sharp point as well. The long swords get their name from appearing to be constructed from a single piece of blue crystal. Even though they are relatively simple in design, they are incredibly beautiful. The double edged blade does not have any etching and the guard and handle are simple as well. The handle has grooves for a better group and the cross guard is a simple bar which slightly bends away from the blade. The remaining Blue Crystal Sword shows no signs of wear and is considered to be indestructible. If it was not, the sword would likely be very fragile and would have shattered the first time it was used in combat.

In addition to the swords being indestructible, the swords carry several other powerful enchantments. Whenever the swords are used in combat, they seem to always penetrate the armor if they get beyond the opponents guard. It also seems to be able to penetrate the toughest monster hides. Another enchantment is that they can effect opponents with a numbing cold. The enchantment is limited to three times per day and must be activated before being used. When activated, the next strike that gets through the opponents guard will effect all but those with the strongest constitution. The effects are often quite disabling.

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