North Wind (Rune Axe):

Powerful greater rune weapon of unknown origin like many other rune weapons. It has been sought out by many individuals and throughout the ages, has been wielded by many famous individuals. These include both adventurers and powerful nobles. What makes the weapon so unique is that the weapon has spells from three or the four Elements. The weapon has spells of the elements of Air, Fire, and Water. Most rune weapons are limited to six elemental spells. The Rune axe has a total of twelve. It is like the weapon was designed with two greater abilities and they were combined to make one even greater ability. All of the spells are related to cold or winter winds. In addition to the spells, the axe has a large amount of magical energy which all of the spells may draw from.

The weapon is a single bladed battle axe which can be wielded in one hand. The weapon itself is a dark grey and gives the feeling of storm clouds coming from the north. Like all rune weapons, the axe blade and the handle are covered in runes. Other than the runes, the weapon is not decorated and is rather plain for a rune weapon. The axe is very well crafted and is designed for use in close quarters as well as being well balanced for throwing.

The personality of the axe seems to be that of an ancient chieftain. The weapon is gruff and quite direct in what it tells its wielder. The axe seems to know combat and has good suggestions just simply prefers a direct approach when possible. The weapon is not big in the concept of fair play and has been at odds with several knights who have picked it up. It will allow a principled person wield it but will probably be constantly bickering with them. The weapon is a womanizer at the same time as not understanding the subtle side of dealing with women. If wielded by a male, the weapon will suggest unsubtle actions with women which is likely to get wielder into trouble. If wielded by a women, the weapon will have very dirty ideas which he will keep suggesting to her.

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