Tiara of Princess Eldabeth (Enchanted Crown):

During the height of the Elven Kingdom, there was a Princess named Eldabeth. She is widely believed to have been one of the most beautiful elves even born and stories tell that she rivaled the Gods in her beauty. Tales also tell that she was extremely spoiled and vain. It is also told that she wanted to find ways to make herself even more attractive. In spite of her being spoiled, she could be extremely charming when she wanted to be and could charm just about anyone especially males. She was able to charm her father's alchemist into creating a magic item that would create an aura which would enhance her charms even further. The King's Alchemist created a magical Tiara, or slim crown, for her which many consider to be his greatest creation even though he created many other magic items. Eventually, she met a hero whom she decided to marry. They had a family and Eldabeth passed the magic crown to her daughter. For generations, the Tiara was passed from mother to daughter until the Elf and Dwarf War. The lands which the family lived in was threatened to be overrun and the family was forced to flee. The family was robbed by bandits and the crown was lost. It was not seen for several hundred years but when it reemerged, it was in the possession of Western Empire Nobles. Since then, the Tiara has been stolen several times by thieves and has been own by several Western Empire Ladies. There are several Elven families with connections to the old Royal line who would like to acquire the crown. The present whereabouts of the Tiara is unknown since it was stolen from a Western Empire Lady about thirty years ago. There are also stories that the crown has a curse which effects anyone other than the Elven Family who it belongs to. All recent owners of the crown seem to have had very bad luck.

The Tiara of Princess Eldabeth is constructed from white gold. The basic design of the Tiara is a slim band with the pattern of Ivy leaves running along the band. The center piece of the crown is a large, twenty carat, flawless diamond which is incredibly clear. The cut is such that it glows in a rainbow of colors when it catches the light. On either side of the main diamond are about half the size of the main diamond, actually twelve carats, and are just as flawless. Surrounding the large diamonds are smaller blue diamonds, about half a carat each, which are square cut. The slim crown is enchanted so that it will magically adjust to fit different wearers.

The magical crown is designed to create an aura which enhance both the physical beauty and mental affinity of the wearer. In addition to the Tiara enhancing beauty and charisma, the wearer also has the ability to cast the spells of Charismatic Aura and Charm up to three times per day each. Because of the ability of a wearer to use the Tiara to command others, it is greatly desired by females who wish to gain power over others especially nobles. This is in spite of the possibility of a curse.

Optional Curse:

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