Scarab of Anubis:

These magic items are usually assumed to belong to the church of Anubis but nobody really knows for sure. They are however prized by worshipers of Anubis and because many have been possessed by their worshipers, it is hard to know if they were originally created by the church. They are known to be several hundred years old however. It is unknown exactly how many there are but it is not believe to exceed about a dozen total.

These items do appear in the style of the Church of Light and Dark, supporting that they were created for the church of Anubis. The centerpiece appears to be from black onyx intricately carved in the shape of a scarab beatle. Under the beetle is the design of multi-colored wings in a gold setting. The scarab can either be worn as a brooch or as a cloak clasp.

For magic powers, they are centered around the ability to command the dead and blending in with shadows. The wearer of the scarab has the ability to use a number of spell like enchantments, each able to be activated three times per day. The most spectacular is the ability to animate and control the dead. The wearer can also turn the dead if they are set against the wearer of the scarab. A final third power allows the wearer to blend in with shadows and be unseen in darkness.

In addition to spell like abilities, a wearer of the scarab will find themselves both more menacing and more charismatic. This can be quite effective when trying to command or dominate someone. Unlike the other mystical abilities, this enchantment always is active whenever the scarab is worn.


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